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about 48 hours or it can take up to 3 days.

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Q: How long will it take a courier to deliver a parcel from Bristol to sheffield?
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Where express post Australia's parcel deliver in chandigarh?

gati courier how parcel will move from chandigarh to pune

How do you ship oversea?

You address the parcel to the overseas address and take it to a post office or contact an international courier service to deliver the parcel for you.

Does courier received mean parcel delivered?

"Courier received" means the courier who is to be delivering the parcel has now received the package/Item and it will be delivered shortly to you as to which delivery service you have paid for.

What is a pet courier?

a pet courier is like a parcel delivery courier but involves pets in long distances.

Who deliver parcel force in Philippines?

philpost or philippine postal corporation will deliver your parcel

What does 'out for delivery to courier' mean?

It means your parcel is on it way to you.

What does the term parcel 2 go mean?

The term parcel 2 go refers to a parcel courier company that specializes in door to door courier service in the United Kingdom. They offer tracking information on their website as well.

What types of courier services does Parcel to go offer within the UK?

The Parcel2Go service is a courier service that provides express parcel delivery within the UK and internationally. Shipping rates and details are available from the Parcel2Go website. Other courier services within the UK include Parcel Force and CollectPlus.

What is a cheap courier service in the UK?

Parcel Monkey is one of the cheaper courier service providers in the UK. They offer to collect and delivery a parcel at only 6.99 GBP. Parcel can be up to 10kg, 1-2 day service, can track parcel online, will provide label and item will be collected from your door.

What is a sentence with parcel?

He had to deliver the parcel to his best friend, and within the parcel were two maps. (I think this is correct...)

What is verb of delivery?

The verb forms of delivery are deliver and delivers. Or Delivering and delivered. Depending on tense.Some example sentences are:"I will deliver it"."He delivers the parcel"."He is delivering the parcel"."He has delivered the parcel".

What is a courier service?

A Courier service is when a courier company collects and delivers your item/pacakge. Courier companies tend to be smaller companies, who tend to undertake all jobs themselves. A Parcel service is where local operators, usually franchise owners, collect your item/package and deliver it to a central hub, where it is automatically sorted, and put out for delivery with local agent in the delivery area. (A hub is a process similar to a luggage sorting system in an airport) Parcel services tend to be cheaper than courier services, because with a courier service your item gets handled by only the one company. Where as parcel services use a lot of automated processes. Parcel delivery companies can have runs of up to 70-80 drops per day. The lower prices are based on them handling a far larger amount of items. Use a courier if your item is high value, or breakable, or fragile, or outwith the normal parcel dimensions & weights. Use a parce service if your item is within the parcel weights & dimensions, and can be suitable boxed and packaged.