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7" on average.

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Q: How long will a golf driver shaft last?
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A golf club with a wide head and a long shaft used for making long shots from the tee?

Driver or Drivers

How long is a standard shaft on a golf driver?

45.75- 46 inches. But can be up to 48 inches.

How long should a golf driver shaft be if you are 5'9?

You are actually average height. You would be able to use a standard shaft, however if you feel uncomfortable you could get custom fit.

Is there a difference between a wood golf club and a driver golf club?

The main differences are a fairway wood has a smaller head, more loft and a shorter shaft. Obviously the driver has a larger head to a maximum of 460cc, a loft of mainly 8.5 to 10.5 degrees, and a shaft which can be around 44-46 inches long.

Can you glue your golf shaft on with super glue?

Yes you can as long as you never change your shaft again.

How long should a golf driver shaft be if i am 6' tall?

Standard length will be perfect, standard length are usually 45.75" -46". But if you do feel the shaft is a bit short you could get half an inch or an inch added to it.

What driver should a beginner in golf be using?

A good idea is a large headed high lofted (10.5 degrees plus) and a regular flex shaft. There may be a temptation to get a 9.5 stiff and try and hit it as far as you can, but the first driver i suggested will pay dividends in the long term. The driver is a hard club to hit for beginners due to it's low loft and long shaft.

How long should a golf driver shaft be if you are 52 tall?

52 what tall? If it is centimeters I wouldn't suggest you play golf. If you are 5'2'' you could still use a standard length driver, or you could get it custom fit to see how long it should be, to best suit your game. If you are fully grown, they may recommend 44'' which is about 1.5'' - 2'' shorter than standard. But you will sacrifice distance.

What does a driver golf club do?

the driver is the club you hit the ball with for long distances

How long do VW Golf brakes last?

Brake pads should last approximately 50,000 miles. The life of a brake pad is dependent upon the driver and the driving conditions.

Why do you need to trim a golf shaft?

You might "trim" or shorten the shaft of a golf club if it is too long for the person using it. Basically, the club was designed for a taller person than the one wishing to use it, but it is often cheaper to shorten the shaft of an old club than get a new shaft or new club.

How long would a shaft for a 6'4 male golfer be?

The same length as a 5'8 person. Unless you prefer a longer shaft. You can go to your local golf store and add an inch to your shaft.

In golf How long can a driver be?

The average driver length is 45-46 inches. The longest it can be is 48 inches.

Why do golf clubs vary in length?

The bigger the shaft the better the force of the balls will be on the hole, as long as you get it in.

What is a rescue driver in golf?

Unfortunately, there is no such thing. There is however rescue clubs (also known as hybrids), these are clubs which are a blend of a wood and an iron, they have the loft of a long iron, and the shape of a wood. It has a shorter shaft for a better attack angle and more control.

How long would a logo golf ball last that has never been hit?

It would last as long as the golf ball. It would only wear away with play.

Dose a drive shaft from 1.6 golf fit a 1.4 golf?

yes as long as the the end that bolts on to the gear box are the same. it will either be a round end or a star

What golf club hits the farthest king cobradriver or nike driver?

Depends who is hitting it and the shaft/ loft combo, as well as which model, but most likely the Cobra, they have 9 sweet spots and can hit the ball a long way, but the impact noise is disgusting.

What driver will get me the longest range?

Krank Golf drivers, specializing in custom made golf clubs, long drive drivers, hold the title for driver giving golfer the most distance out of their swing.

What Golf driver does Davis Love III use?

DL3 plays the Titleist D910D3 Prototype with adjustable hossel. He played for years the D909 and was one of the last pros to switch from a persimmon driver to a metal driver (1996). He is still in the top 15 long hitters on tour at 46.

What golf club has a longer shaft?

Drivers have the longest shafts of all clubs, with the exception of long-shafted putters.

How long does a golf handicap last?

2 years

What is a drive in golf?

A drive in the game of golf is when you hit your driver, or high distance club from the tee-box. You will most often find people driving the ball with there driver on very long holes, just depending on how far they can hit there driver. scp

What is the purpose of a Cobra driver?

The Cobra driver is the "big dog". The driver is used in golf to hit the longest shots, i.e. the tee shot. These are required for holes that have long distances.

Which golf club is best for long drives down the fairway?

The best golf club for making a long drive down the fairway is simply known as a "driver". These types of clubs may also be called "long drive" golf clubs. Occasionally, the long drive club will simply be called an "LD" club.