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Q: How long was Phar Lap?
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What was the most popular sport in Australia in the 1950's?

Phar Lap Phar Lap Phar Lap

Was phar lap a thuobreed?

Phar Lap was a thoroughbred.

Phar lap was a horse that became an australian icon phar lap is sinhalese for?

Phar Lap means lightning or blinking sky.

What was the coat colour of Phar Lap?

Phar Lap was a chestnut.

How long did phar lap do racing for?

The great Phar Lap raced for four years, 1929-1932, winning 37 0f 51 starts.

Who trained phar lap?

Harry Telford trained Phar Lap.

What number was phar lap?

Phar Lap was number 2 in the races

How tall was phar lap?

Phar Lap was over 17 hand high.

What breed of horse was Phar Lap?

Phar Lap was a giant chestnut thoroughbred.

Who was phar lap mother and what was her name?

Phar Lap's mother was called " Light "

When was Phar Lap - film - created?

Phar Lap - film - was created in 1983.

Why is Phar lap famous?

Phar Lap is famous for his great wins in horse racing

How tall was Phar Lap in hands?

phar lap was over 17 hands high

In what country did Phar Lap die in?

Phar Lap died in the United States, in California.

Rider of phar lap in America?

I don't believe that Phar Lap raced in the USA.

How much victories did phar lap have?

Phar Lap won 37 races in all.

What is the duration of Phar Lap film?

The duration of Phar Lap - film - is 1.78 hours.

What does Phar Lap mean in English?

It means lightning, Phar Lap is a Thai word for lightning

Why is Phar Lap so important to New Zealand?

It is for a school project, why is Phar Lap so important to New Zealand, and why is there a huge argument over Australia "stealing" Phar Lap. Any answers on why Phar Lap is important to New Zealand would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

What year did Phar Lap win the Melbourne Cup?

Phar Lap won the Melbourne cup in 1930.

Who is Phar Lap?

Phar Lap was a great famous race horse between the years of 1920s and the 1930s

How does phar lap look like?

Phar Lap was a big, lanky, burnished copper chestnut gelding.

What is Phar lap Sinhalese for?

pharlap wasd a horse that became an Australian icon. phar lap is sinhalese for what?

How many laps did Phar lap complete?

phar lap raced 51 races and won 31 of them

What position did Phar lap finish in his first race?

Phar Lap ran last in his first race.