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That depends how many pounds you are lifting, how often you lift, and how many reps you do. I would say about 4-10 weeks.

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it takes 2 to 3 months to have that

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Q: How long to build a good chest lifting weights?
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What following constitutes a good anaerobic workout?

Lifting weights

What is a good anaerobic workout?

Lifting weights.

What are good bone healthy actions?

Lifting weights.

What are the benefits of wearing lifting shorts?

Lifting shorts are good when lifting weights because they provide the lifter with protection and support from injuries. They are a good idea to have when doing heavy lifting.

Is lifting weights a good way to exercise?

Its the best way to excercise.

Is using weights the best way to build strength?

I believe the weight lifting is an excellent way for your body to build strength, but a good weight routine should be joined with a good balance diet and a stamina building exercise like cardio or Pilates.

What Fitness machines best grow your biceps?

Chest and back workouts are always very good for growing and strengthening your bicep muscles. As far as Fitness machines for this there are many benches for lifting weights that can be used.

Is there a way to make yourself really strong for running?

Yes. Lifting weights is a good way.

Is it good to use ankle weights when doing sit ups?

It would be good, if you keep lifting your feet off the ground.

When can you lift weights after wrist surgery?

Check with your doctor to see when you are in good shape for lifting weights, your wrist must fully heal and strengthen before doing exercises.

Do I need to wear special shoes while using free weights?

Yes, it is best to wear good fitting, firm gripping shoes while lifting weights.

Is it good to take a break from lifting weights?

Yes. Your body needs to have recovery time if you are working out very often.