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About 3 months(12 weeks)

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Q: How long the healing time for Minimally displaced fracture of right fibula?
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Is a distal fibula fracture with callus good or bad?

A bone fracture is never good. A callus on the bone fracture indicates healing has started.

What is Greenstick hairline fracture tibia fibula healing time?

mine took 6 wks

Can you fracture your fibula without it hurting a lot?

A fibula fracture will hurt.

What is the cpt code for anesthesia for ORIF of fracture of the distal tibia and fibula?


Can you speed up the healing of a leg fracture ie tibia and fibula?

Yes, by eating a nutritious diet and avoiding any activity that decreases your circulation. A nutritious diet when trying to heal a fracture includes increasing your protein, mineral, and vitamin intake as well as eating more calories altogether.

What will happen if a bone tibia and fibula is fracture?

If the tibia or fibula bone is fractured, they will need to be healed. A doctor will put the limb in a cast to help them heal.

What does the term tibial-fibular fracture mean?

it means that you fractured part of your tibia and fibula

What is a fracture of the medial malleolus?

this is a fracture of the lower end of the fibula on the inner side of your ankle i walked on mine for a day before i had x ray am now in plaster

How long does a fibula fracture with ankle pin take to heal?

Normally that will take three to six weeks.

What is an acute subacute oblique distal fibula fracture?

An oblique distal fibula fracture is a break in the smaller bone of the lower leg. The break is located closer to the ankle than to the knee, and the break has a diagonal orientation. The use of both "acute" and "subacute" doesn't make sense.

What is a fracture of the distal end of the fibula?

The distal ends of the tibia and fibula are the malleoli (singular malleolus). The tibia has the medial malleolus, and the fibula has the lateral malleolus.

Is surgery necessary for broken fibula?

No, you don't need an operation, unless an operation is needed to fix it! What I mean by that is that only if your surgeon recommends an operation to fix a broken fibula should you consider having one. You don't need a joined up fibula to walk or run or do anything that you would normally do, as the fibula normally only carries around 10% of your body weight. Without it and your tibia will bear the weight. I broke both my tib and fib some years ago, and still have a rod and pin in my tib. But my fibula never heald and still has a gap of around an inch in it. I mountainbike, rugby referee and skydive without any adverse effect.