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For as long as possible if you whant to become really good

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Q: How long should you train to be good in the long jump?
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What is the average distance a teenage boy can jump in the long jump?

4m-5m would be average Over 6m would be very good if you train alot in a powerfull take off and a good hang position in the air followed by a good leg shoot you should jump a average of 6.15 meters

What is a good long jump?

A good long jump is when u get a good distance that u feel is good but also using good form in the jump wich will help you a lot depending on how far you jump.

What are skills required in long jump?

Ummmm probably the skill to jump quite far. And the skill to have the patience to train alot.

What events did Jackie Joyner-kersee train for?

she trained for track and long jump

Why does your car stall if you stop to long especially if you are waiting for a train?

The car mistakenly makes the assumption that you were waiting to get on the train so it quits running and allows you to jump the train.

What is a good long jump for an 11 year old girl in the running jump?

When I was 11 i made it to county for running long jump. And I think to get there i jumped 8.5 feet. So i guess considering how i made it to county, that my jump was fairly good.

What is a good standing long jump for a 12 year old boy?

Personally, I think I would be impressed with a 13-15 foot jump. But Im a girl, and the national record for middle school girls is 18'. I can only jump 13' but if you're a boy you should be able to beat me.Whoever answered this, must not know the difference between a long jump and a standing long jump but as a twelve year old you should get from 5-7 feet.

Is 7metres in long jump good for a 12-year-old girl?

7 mete for a girl? You (whoever you are) should be in the Olympics!

Standard plan of long jump and triple jump?

to jump the furthest??? :P not a very good question to understand what you want to know.

How long do the Olympic athletes train?

Well it all depends. Because if you are a good athelete then you don't have to train for so long

I'm in eighth grade and jump 18-5 in the long jump How good is that?

Yes i would say that is pretty good. Keep improoving though

What are the methods of the long jump?

jump very long

What is a good Long jump for a eighth grade boy?

I would say a good long jump for an 8th grade boy would be anywhere from 16ft to 18ft and 20ft if your outrageously good Average is 12-15

How long is it on the train from London to Nottingham?

It should be under 2 hours by any East Midland Train.

How do you do a super long jump on super Mario 64 ds?

To do a super jump,you start running and jump 3 times(make sure you have enough room for that!)and you should do a super jump :)

How do you perform a backwards long jump in super Mario 64?

DO a regular long jump forward, and when you land do another one, and after about two jumps hold the opposite direction and you should do a backward long jump. Works best w/ Luigi.

Is jump roping good for you?

Well, you are exercising and exercising is good for your health as long as you don't over do it.

How do you jump a lawn mower?

Build a ramp. Get a good long run at it.

How long should you train to be a singer?

for about 6 or 7 years

How long should a athlete train?

That depends on what the athlete is training for.

How long should you train for a 10k race?

You shouldn't and neither should I. I say we hitchhike.

How long should jump rope be?

when you step on it, it should reach to around your shoulders or a little shorter

How much angle you should take in long jump?

60 degree

Does Usain Bolt do the long jump?

He does not long jump.

Is long jump and triple jump same?

No. In triple jump you jump 3 times and only once in long jump. But the object is the same.