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Since I play Netball i can answer this

It is about 4 or 5 metres long

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Q: How long is the semi circle for shooting in netball?
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Can you score outside the semi circle in netball?


Where in netball is the wing attack allowed?

The wing attack is only allowed in the centre third and in the goal third where they start. BUT NOT in the shooting semi-circle

Where are do the WA play in netball?

The WA plays in the attacking and defending third of a netball pitch (parts 1 and 2). They are not aloud in the shooting semi circle. The WA is expected to feed the circle players the ball (GS and GA) giving them opportunities to shoot.

Where is the center allowed in netball?

everywhere except the 'd' semi circle in the end thirds

What are the roles of the positions on a netball team?

GS/Goal Shooter= To score goals and to work in and around the circle with the GA. Court area= the third they are shooting in and in the goal semi-circle.GA/Goal Attack= To feed and work with GS and to score goals. Court Area= the centre third and the third they are shooting in & the goal semi-circle.WA/Wing Attack= To feed the circle players giving them shooting opportunities. Court Area= The third they are shooting in and centre third and NOT IN THE GOAL SEMI-CIRCLE!C/Centre= To take the Centre Pass and to link the defence and the attack. Court Area= the whole court except the goal semi-circle at both ends.WD/Wing Defence= To look for interceptions and to prevent the WA from feeding the circle. Court Area= The centre third and the third where the other team is shooting and NOT IN THE GOAL SEMI-CIRCLE!GD/Goal Defence= To win the ball and reduce the effectiveness of the GA. Court Area= The third where the other team is shooting and in the semi-circle and in the centre third.GK/Goal Keeper= To work with the GD and to prevent the GS from scoring goals. Court Area= only in the third the other team is shooting at and in the semi-circle.

How do you label a netball court?

Share the netball court into three parts and mark it. In the middle of the netball court put a circle. Make a frame around the court. Then put a D ( semi circle ) in the ends of the court near the hoops. And you're done. Hope that helps

Who is allowed inside the 'D' on a Netball court?

When you mean 'D', I am assuming that you mean the semi-circle in your teams goal. If you are the only positions in netball allowed in the semi-circle are Goal Shooter (GA), Goal Attack (GA), Goal Keeper (GK), and Goal Defence (GD). Keep in mind that the GS and GA are only allowed in their goal semi-circle and the GK and GD are only allowed in the opposition goal semi-circle. Hope this helped :) Vicky

What does C do in netball and what do you do when you play it?

the C in netball is centre and the centre position starts with the ball before the whistle blows and they can go anywhere on the court,but the two semi-circles (shooting circles).

What does the gs in netball do?

gs stands for goal shooter They are allowed in the attacking goal third and semi circle. They are the shooters

Where can the goal keepers go in netball?

the goal keepers can only go in their goal third and are aloud in the semi circle

Where can GD go on the netball court?

GD can go in the centre third and the defending third and in the opponents semi circle

How do you score a goal in netball?

put the ball in the hole from inside the semi circle only GS and GA can score

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