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NBA overtime periods are 5 minutes

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2009-05-27 04:21:02
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Q: How long is the overtime periods in a basketball game?
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How long is overtime for a college basketball game?

An overtime period in college basketball is 5 minutes.

How long is overtime in a basketball game?

5 minutes

How many minutes of overtime of NBA game?

NBA Overtime periods are 5 minutes long. there's no limit to the amount of overtime periods that can be played.

How long is NHL game?

3 periods unless atie,then overtime

How many quarters are in a basketball team?

I think you mean in basketball game ! Games are played in 4 quarters. 10 minutes (international), 12 (NBA), and overtime periods are five minutes long.

How long does a lacrosse game last?

4 periods 15 mins overtime is 15 mins

How long is the average NBA basketball game?

48 minutes. 12 minute quarters. if the score is the same at the end, then there are overtime periods. each one is 5 minutes. half time is 15 minutes.

How long is overtime in basketball?

5 min

How long was the longest NHL game ever played?

3 regular periods and 6 overtime periods. Intermissions, periods an overtimes cobined it comes to approximatly 290 minutes.

How many minutes are played in a period in basketball?

There are two periods played in a whole game of college basketball. Both periods are 20 minutes long. But with timeouts and fouls called during the game, the game goes on longer.

How does a tie basketball game end?

It goes to Overtime (in other words, they add an extra quarter to the game), which is 5 minutes long. The team who has the highest points after the overtime ends up winning the game. If they are still tied after the overtime, they have another overtime, and they continue having overtime until one team gets a higher score than the other after the overtime.

How long is overtime in college basketball?

fifteen minutes

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