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a Netball court is about 30m long and 15m wide (100ft. x 50ft.)

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Q: How long is the net ball court?
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What is the size of a net ball court in meters?

a standard netball court is 30.5 meters long and 15.25 metres wide

What is used in Volleyball?

a ball, net, and a court

Does tennis have to pass over net to be fair?

No, in doubles for example, if a wide ball enters the court, the opposing team could take advantage of this and hit the ball around the side of the net. This is valid as long as the ball enters the opposing teams court. On the other hand, if a ball was to pass through the net, etc. This is obviously not a valid ball. Lol

What fraction is a net ball court split into?


What are the facilities of Volleyball?

You need a ball, a net, and a court.

How do you make players spread out on the net ball court?

tell them that they'll get off the court

What happens in tennis if the ball hits a structure outside the court then bounces in the opponents court?

If the ball hits anything except the net and goes in, it is considered out. If the ball hhits the top of the net and drops in, it is considered good.

Whose point is it when a player hits the net after hitting the ball into the opponent's court?

In tennis and volley-ball you lose the point if you touch the net while the ball is in play.

How many ft long is the net on a tennis court?

The net of a tennis court it 21' feet.

Can you hit the net with your racket in a singles match but between the single court and double court net posts?

No, the racquet may not touch any part of the net when the ball is in play.

If the ball touches the net in voleyball and still falls in the opponents court what is it called?

when the ball hits the net and still goes over, it's legal, and playable (as long as it's in.) but depending on the league, that might not be legal on a serve only.

Is it legal to play a net ball in volley ball?

As long as you don't touch the net, and the ball doesn't touch the ground, yes.

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