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10 minutes is the longest singular penalty a player can receive. Players are, however, able to commit multiple infractions during the same play. A single player is technically able to commit 60 minutes or more in penalties.

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Q: How long is the longest penalty in olympic hockey?
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How long is overtime in olympic hockey?

20 min

How long must you serve a major penalty in hockey?

Five minutes.

What games are held in the olympic games?

swimming , hockey racing,long jump,skating

How often and how long do olympic hockey players train for?

pretty much the whole season

What is a minor penalty in hockey?

Most penalties are minor, giving the player two minutes in the penalty box. A major penalty is five minutes long and reserved for infractions like 'fighting'.

How long is the penalty for icing in hockey?

Icing isn't a penalty, but if you ice the puck the face off will be in your end giving the other team better scoring position.

How long has Julie Chu played hockey?

She has played for the US olympic team since 2007.

What are the dimensions of NHL and olympic hockey rinks?

200' long by 85'wide. All NHL rinks are the same by rule. Olympic ice hockey rinks are 30 meters wide by 60 meters long (98.4 feet by 196.8 feet).

If a hockey player receives a major penalty how long does he have to sit in the penalty box?

It all depends on the penalty. In minor hockey If a player receives a 5 minute major, they are automatically ejected from the game, and someone else will serve that 5 minutes. You can get a M21 which is a 10 minute penalty for harassment of the official. So a major penalty could be 5 minutes or it could be 10. -David

How long is womens olympic field hockey?

2 35 minute halves with a 5 or so minute break

How long does a hockey player stay in the penalty box?

If its just a minor penalty then two minutes.If its a double minor then 4 minutes.If its a misconduct then its a 10 minute and 5 minutes is game misconduct.

How long is the ice hockey field?

Unlike other sports, hockey is traditionally played on a "rink" not a "field". This is actually the first rule of the USA hockey rulebook. USA Hockey regulations are 200 feet long, 85-100 feet wide.NHL is strictly 200 by 85.Olympic/International is 197 by 98.4.

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