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Usually about 3 hours

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15 minutes

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Q: How long is over time in and nfl football game?
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How long is overtime in collage football?

Football over time is 60 minutes long

When was the first LSU football game?

Long time ago

How long is a fottball game?

a football game is 90 minuets not counting stoppage time

How long was football been around?

The time football has been around for is a long timeFootball has been around for a long time but we do not know how long it has been around

How long is half time at college football bowl game?

Halftime is 20 minutes during a college football bowl game.

How long is a football game with out any extra time?

It take 60 minutes

Where did the game of football come from?

The game football meaning soocer comes from a long time ago from kicking heads into nets to hard rocks now rubber soccer balls

How long is half time in English football?

15 minutes like every other football game!

How long is the actual playing time in football if you only count the time between the whistle of play?

Its about 5% of the whole entire game

What is the average amount of timed action in a football game?

The exact amount of timed action in a football game is 1 hour due to 4 15 minute quarters. The maximum time is 75 minutes due to an over time period.

How long is every half of a international football game?

46 minutes plus extra time decided my referre

If you have a good hang time what are you doing in what sport?

A punter in the game of American Football wants the football to remain in the air a long time to allow his players time to get underneath the ball. To do this it must be kicked high in the air.