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150 meter

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Q: How long is an Australian football field?
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How long is a Australian football field?

150 meters

What sport has a round field?

Australian Football

How long is a football flied long in yards?

You should specify WHICH kind of football as this is an international forum.A British football field (Soccer) is 100 yards long.An NFL football field is 120 yards long.A CFL ( Canadian) football field is 150 yards long.An AFL (Australian ) football field has no fixed dimension and can be from 135 to 185 metres long, and is always oval shaped.

What is the distance around an Australian football field?


What is the name for an Australian Rules football field?

an oval

What is an Australian rules football field called?

It's called a field or an oval.

What sport has the most players on the field?

Australian Rules Football

How long is a arena football field?

An arena football field is 50 yards long.

Is a football field 270 feet long?

a football field is 260 feet long. No, a football field is 360 feet long including the end zones.

How many feet long is football field?

A football field is 100 yards long. There are 3 feet in a yard. Thus, a football field is 300 feet long.

What is the size of an Australian Football field?

There is no specified size requirement for an Australian Football field. Australian Rules was originally created to keep cricket players fit in the off season and cricket fields do not have size requirements hence why Australian Rules fields do not have size requirements.

How many feet long is a football field?

3,600 inches are in a football field

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