How long is a volley ball game?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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"Game" can refer to a volleyball set, or to the whole match.

Volleyball sets are normally played to 25 points (30 in some mens' tournaments). Whoever reaches to 25 first, but by a point difference of 2, wins. A set can thus be extended, i.e. it may finish 33-31. A match is played best of 5 sets, i.e. 3 sets must be won, or especially with youth, best of 3 sets. When a last, decisive set is needed (fifth/third) it is played until 15 points. When time is an issue, a set may start on 7-7 or 10-10 to shorten the game.

The length of a match in time depends highly on the difference in skill between both teams. A short match might be played in 30 min, but a match between two equal opponents can take more than 90 min. Tie-break issues are resolved by scoring on every ball, not only balls by own serve as before 1999.

In tournements playing "best of 3", 45 min is often allocated for each match, and it usually works out in the end.

Between sets, a 3 min rest is allowed (often 10 min "half-time pause" before set 3), and two 30 sec time-outs per team and set are allowed. If a match must be interrupted, it should be continued later counting the finished set, and starting interrupted set from 0-0. In cases even from 0-0 in set.

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until 1 team gets to 25 then they play another round up to 25 and the third they play to 15

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There is no given time for volleyball

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Q: How long is a volley ball game?
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