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"Semi pro" boxing is a reference from the old days but...really their isn't such a thing.

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Q: How long is a simi pro boxing round?
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How long is a boxing round?

3:00 mintues for pro's and most other boxing organizations

How long is the Rest between rounds in pro boxing?

one minute

How long was Muhammad Ali's boxing career?

He started boxing at the age of 12 in 1954. As a Pro, he started in 1960 and finished in 1981.

What weight gloves are used in pro boxing in ounces?

pro boxing gloves weigh in at 8 to 10 ounces

Do you need a degree in pro boxing?


When did joe frazier start boxing?

He had his first pro fight in august '65 in philly, against woody goss, who was put away in one round.

When did Joe Frazier start his boxing career?

he had his first pro fight in august '65 in philly, against woody goss, who was put away in one round.

How you become pro in boxing?

Win a lot.

Is there an age limit to turning pro in boxing?


How old you have to be to turn pro in boxing?


What do you get if you get pro in wii boxing?

Better gloves.

What is the legal age to pro boxing?


When did Manny Pacquiao start boxing?

He started boxing at the age of 14 and turned pro at the age of 16.

What pro basketball player did boxing?

Raja bell

How long will you have to train to become a pro boxer?

aproximently about 2 years to get to ameture boxing then you need to work you self up and maby go to the ollypics then evetually youll be able to go for a pro boxer

What is the record for most pro boxing fights before a defeat?


What happens when you are a pro on Wii Sports?

They send you a note and in tennis you could play with more people, in boxing you could get silver or gold boxing gloves , and in bowling you get more decorative ball that's what you get when you are pro in wii sports!!!!!!!

How many fights did Muhammad Ali lose in his pro boxing career?


How many deaths has there been in pro boxing?

over 1000 since the late1800s

Who did Muhammad Ali lose to in his pro boxing career?

he got all of the win

How do you become a pro at boxing in wii sports?

score over 1,000 ponits

How much are the beats pro by dre on boxing day?

$229 at best buy!!

How many rounds in boxing match?

Amateur: 3; also five-two min rounds. Pro: 4; 6; 8; 10; 12 no laws against "15" round matches still. Are their 'laws' against 20 r. boxing?? If their are/ those laws are most certainly -regional- and no possible further jurisdiction. Now: are "5" r. boxing matches ever slated? The answer is yes and you WILL SEE them in records if you keep searching long enough. I have seen them many times. Are their ever two round matches slated? again, they do exist in records. Even one round slatted distances are to be found in records. "7" round matches have happened. As have "11" r. matches. Normally it is even number rounds that are used. (note: their are many, many boxing matches happening around the Globe, every month and the numbers would -probably- amaze the average joe on street).

Who fought for the world heavyweight boxing title in his first pro fight?

pete rademacher fought Floyd Patterson for the title in his pro debut.

Who is the only undefeated untied heavyweight champion in pro boxing history?

rocky marciano