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usually from 20 years of age to 30 years of age

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Q: How long is a professional tennis career?
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What do Sister Venus and Serena Williams do for a career?

They are professional Tennis players.

How much money does a professional tennis players get paid?

On average a solid (top 200) professional tennis player earns about USD$500,000 at the end of his/her career.

What sport is Jim Courier associated with?

Jim Courier is associated with tennis. He used to be the number one professional tennis player in the United States. He started his professional tennis career in 1988 and retired in the year 2000.

What is Ilie Nastase's profession?

In the early 1970's, Ilie Nastase was the top professional tennis player in the world. His 19 year career as a professional tennis player began in 1966.

List out your long term professional goals?

When you are asked to list out your long term professional goals, you need to show a clear direction in your career. These are defined as career goals or objectives.

What organizations represents men's professional tennis and womens professional tennis?

Men's tennis organisation: ATP Women's tennis organisation: WTA

Sigmund Freud began his professional career as what?

His first professional career was as a neuroligist, but would specialize in an emotional disorder called hysteria before long.

How long has Venus Williams been playing professional tennis?

19 years exactly

How much money has federer earned?

US$ 49,475,219 as of Wimbledon 2009. He is the all-time leader in career earnings for a tennis professional.

How old was novak djokovic when he became a tennis player?

Novak Djokovic began his professional career playing Challengers around 2003.

What is Andre Agassi best known for?

Andre Agassi is best known for tennis. He is a retired professional tennis player and former World number one tennis player. He won 68 career titles and a Gold Olympic medal.

How long is a professional football players career?

It varies, mostly players have a career from 16 years to 30-40.

Is being a lawyer a professional career?

Yes it's a professional career

Do professional tennis players swap sides on the tennis court?


How did the American tennis player Mary Pierce become famous?

American tennis player Mary Pierce became famous for being a successful professional tennis player. She ended her career after winning four different Grand Slam events.

What sport does Jelena Dokic play?

Jelena Dokic is an Australian professional tennis player. She was born in Yugoslavia on 12 April 1983. She has retired in 2012 and in her last year of tennis career she was not very successfull.

What is the degree needed for a professional tennis player?

It is not necessary to have any sort of scholastic degree to play professional tennis.

Meaning of professional career development?

Professional career development refers to classes, inservices, and seminars that help to develop and enhance one's professional career.

What does a t p stand for relating to tennis?

Association of Tennis Professional .

How many tennis games do professional women tennis players play in a year?

the average professional women tennis player plays about 23 games in a year.

At what age did Roger Federer start his career?

According to Wikipedia (refer to the link, below), Roger Federer started his professional tennis career in July 1998 at just under 17 years of age.

How many fights did johnny Owen have in his professional career?

He had 28 fights in his professional career?

How old was Evonne Cawley when she became a professional tennis player?

Evonne Cawley was 20 when she became a professional tennis player.

What year did Daniela Hantuchova turn professional?

"Daniela Hantuchova, a Slovakian professional tennis player, turned professional in 1999. She has had success in both singles and doubles through her career although she has never been considered a ""top"" singles player."

What are tour tennis rackets?

Tennis rackets used on tour, by the professional players