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An arena football field is 50 yards long.

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Q: How long is a arena football field?
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What are the arena football dimensions?

The field is 50 yards long and 85 feet wide.

How big is an arena football field?


How wide is a football field?

160 feet wideStandard football fields (as opposed to "arena football" fields) are 120 yards long, including the end zones, and fifty yards wide.25 yd

How many yards is a arena football field?


How wide is an arena football field?

The field is 85 feet wide, the same width as an NHL Rink.

How many players are on a arena football field at one time?

In American (gridiron) Football, there are twenty-two (22) players on the field; eleven (11) on each of two teams. In Arena Football, 8 players are on the offensive and defensive sides of the ball for a total of 16.

How big is the arena football field?

Depends, there are alot of arenas. The biggest is ANZ

How many feet long is football field?

A football field is 100 yards long. There are 3 feet in a yard. Thus, a football field is 300 feet long.

Is a football field 270 feet long?

a football field is 260 feet long. No, a football field is 360 feet long including the end zones.

What is the difference between a dome and an arena?

an dome is bigger it is used for football and soccer. and an arena has a smaller field or court and it is used for basketball and hockey.

Dave katz college football and arena football?

Dave Katz did he play college football or arena football? Dave Katz did he play college football or arena football?

How big is an AFL field?

An AFL field is 200 feet long and 85 feet wide. The end zones add another 8 feet to each end. Arena Football League teams always play indoors.

How many feet long is a football field?

3,600 inches are in a football field

How long is a football flied long in yards?

You should specify WHICH kind of football as this is an international forum.A British football field (Soccer) is 100 yards long.An NFL football field is 120 yards long.A CFL ( Canadian) football field is 150 yards long.An AFL (Australian ) football field has no fixed dimension and can be from 135 to 185 metres long, and is always oval shaped.

What is the scoring system like in arena football?

It's the same as regular football exept that the field is only fifty yards instead of one-hundred.

How big is 1 football field?

one football field is 100 yards long

Is the Australian football team and arena football the same?

No, they are completely different. Arena football is a variant of American football ("gridiron") played indoors in an "arena" that might otherwise be used for basketball, ice hockey, or concerts. Australian football or "aussie rules" is a completely unrelated game that evolved in Australia and is played outdoors, typically on a cricket field. For more info see:

What are the names of the different football positions in arena football?

The positions in Arena Football are the same in NFL football

Arena football salaries?

what is the salary to play arena football

Can a whale be the size of a football field?

They are big- but not THAT big. An adult Blue Whale is about 98 feet long. A football field is 300 ft long.

A football field is about how many micrometers?

American Football Field: Let's see, there are: One million micrometers in a meter. 100 yards in an American football field. 91.44 meters in 100 yards. So, an American football field would be 91440000 micrometers long. Did you really mean micrometers? Just to add to the previous (accurate) post.... Canadian Football Field A Canadian Football field is 100 metres long so 100,000,000 micrometers long. Football/Soccer Field If you are talking about Football as in what North American's call Soccer, then the field is anywhere from 90 to 120 metres long (according to FIFA). Thus it is anywhere from 90,000,000 to 120,000,000 micrometers long.

What is the length in yards of a football field?

A regulation size football field is 120 yards long.

How many NFL footballs will it take to span a football field?

A football is 11 inches long. There are 32 inches in a yard. A football field is 100 yards long. Therefore it would take 290 footballs to span a football field.

How long is the American football field?

American football field is rectangular of 120 yards long and 53.33 wide with goalposts at both ends.

Can a totem pole be half as long as a football field?

The record for tallest totem pole is claimed by Alert Bay, BC. They have one that is 173 feet tall. A football field is 100 yards, or 300 feet long. Half a football field is 150 feet, so yes, a totem pole could be half as long as a football field.