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3 players per side means 6 players on the field. So I will guess at 12 feet. If there is a referee on the field I'll up it to 14.

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990 feet

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Q: How long is 3 football fields in feet?
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How many football fields long is the great pyramid?

3 football fields

If a cruise ship is 885 feet long how many football fields is that?

If you take 3 football fields, that's 900 feet (from one goal line to the other). An 885-foot ship is just a bit short of that by 15 feet.

How many football fields equal to 1000 feet?

Well, a football field is typically a 100 yards. A 1000 feet equals a tad over 333.33 yards. Thus 1000 feet would be approximately three football fields. That is is we are talking about American football.

How many football fields equal the length of the titanic?

About 5.5 football field lengths. (Football field length= 160 ft, Titanic length= 882.75 feet [882' 9"])

How many inches are in two football fields?

Two football fields are 7,200 inches long, if you count one football field as 100 yards. 2 football fields x 100 yards per football field x 3 feet in a yard x 12 inches in a foot = 7200 inches.

-D How long is 5000 feet like compared to a football field?

If you do not include the a football field is 100 yards long = 300 ft So 5000 ft is about 16 and 2\3 football fields without If you include the a football field is 120 yards long=360 ft So 5000ft is about 13 and 8\9 football fields with

How would you describe 1000 feet to a child?

Almost 3 and a half football fields?

How many miles in 3 football fields?

There is 5280 feet in a mile X 1.5 = 7920 feet divided by 300 feet in a football field minus end zones = 26.4 football fields in 1.5 miles.

300 meters is how many football fields?

A length of 300 meters is equivalent to the length of three ( 3 ) American football fields.

How many football fields can you fit in 8000 square meters?

An American football field is 100 yards by 160 feet, not including end zones. That equals 48,000 square feet. An acre is 43,560 square feet, so 8 acres would be 348,480 square feet. Dividing 348,480 by 48,000 gives us 7.62 football fields that would fit into an 8 acre area.

How many houses big was the Titanic?

The Titabic was 11 storys tall and as long as 3 football fields.

How long is two yards?

10 Yards is equivelent to .... 30 feet 360 inches 914.4 centimeters 0.009144 kilometer 0.001 893 935 588 8 league 9.144 meters 360 000 000 microinches 0.005 681 818 181 8 mile 9 144 millimeter