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Q: How long have the bidwells own the cardinals?
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When was Bidwells created?

Bidwells was created in 1840.

What is Bidwells's population?

The population of Bidwells is 2,011.

What is the population of Bidwells?

Bidwells's population is 423.

Who is Annie bidwell?

John Bidwells wife. She was from wa.d.c.

How long have the cardinals played football?

cardinals stink

How long is breeding season for cardinals?

Cardinals mate throughout the entire year. They stay together for the rest of their life.

How long do the cardinals practice?

Till they get it "rite".

Who pays for the travels of the Catholic cardinals?

Most Cardinals pay for their own travel. Depending upon whom they work for, for instance, if the Cardinal is employed at the Vatican, and the Vatican sends him somewhere, then the Vatican might pick up the tab for that. But most Cardinals are Bishops of individual dioceses, and thus are responsible for their own travel.

Do the cardinals learn the results of each ballot?

Yes, they know they immediately as the Cardinals who do the counting, count them outloud for each Cardinal to mark his own tally sheet.

How long has Matt Holiday been with the Cardinals?

4 years

Who selects the name for a Catholic cardinal?

Cardinals normally retain their own baptismal names.

How long has the cardinals football team been from Arizona?

Since 1994.