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The Toronto Blue Jays were founded in Toronto in 1977.

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Q: How long have the Toronto Blue Jays been in MLB?
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How long has Jose Bautista been playing for the Toronto Blue Jays?

Jose Bautista was traded to the Toronto Blue Jays on August 21, 2008.

How long has Jose Bautista been for the Toronto blue jays?

He has been on the Toronto Blue Jays for 4 years. He was received in 2008 and is still one of the members of the roster. He is also their captain and leading hitter in the last few years.

How long has bautista played for Toronto blue jays?

Jose Bautista was traded to the Blue Jays on August 21st, 2008 from the Pittsburgh Pirates for Robinzon Diaz.

How long are blue jays wings?

A blue jays wingspan is 34-43 cm

How long do blue jays fly?

they can fly however long they want to!

How many Canadian teams have been in the Major League Baseball?

There is only one Major League Baseball that is from Canada and that is the Toronto Blue Jays! Long live the JAYS! Prior to being taken over by MLB and moved to Washington D.C. to become the Nationals, the Montreal Expos were also a MLB team.

How long do blue jays live?

A blue jay lives for 20 years

Who is the PA announcer for the Toronto Blue Jays?

The PA announcer for the Jays is Tim Langton..He was hired back in the 2005 season replacing long time Skydome PA announcer <Murray Eldon. The reason for the change is actually confidential. Tim Langton has also done Some freelance work with The Toronto based all sports radio station the FAN 590.. and is a busy freelance voice-over talant

How long has it been since the Cleveland Indians have pitched a no hitter?

30 seasons ... the last was Len Barker's perfect game against the Blue Jays on May 5, 1981.

How long is a blue jays life span?

Around four to seven years in the wild.

How long does it take for a blue jay egg to hatch?

It will take an estimated 18 days for a blue jay egg to hatch. The baby blue jays will leave the nest when they are near 21 days old.

How did the Toronto maple leafs choose their team colours?

Toronto's NHL team was originally known as the Arenas and later the St. Pats. The name Maple Leafs was adopted in 1927, and I am told it was named after the Maple Leaf Regiment that fought in World War I. Of course, for those readers outside the Great White North, you'll recognize that the Maple Leaf is a well-known symbol for Canada, so it's quite appropriate. ------- To actually answer the question: Toronto has always been a blue/white city. I'm not sure where it originated but it long predates not only the Toronto Arenas (original name of the Maple Leafs) but also the Toronto Blueshirts of the NHA. If you notice the Argonauts along with the Blue Jays also follow the Blue/White pattern. The most commonly held belief is Smythe got the colour scheme from the University Of Toronto Varsity Blues, where he had been captain of the ice hockey team in 1915. Where UofT got theirs from, I don't know.

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yes they have bullet prfoof feathers it was tested on mythbusters they also take long dumps on people to scare them away

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How long does it take for a blue jay to build a nest?

5 to 10 weeks I was told. They are interesting birds. I have 2 Blue Jays that are building a nest at my house. They are gathering a lot of twigs one by one.

How many toes does a blue jay have?

Blue Jays have 4 toes. 3 front toes and 1 toe in the back. Their long slender feet and toes help them keep their grip on tree branches.

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