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for a while

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Q: How long has sonny bill william' s been playing rugby?
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What sport has Sonny bill Williams been competing in recently?

Sonny Bill Williams has competing in Rugby Union World Cup for the New Zealand All Blacks recently.

How much do professional women rugby players make?

At the moment, none. Rugby League Women players just begun playing rugby. Not like men, who have been playing at the start

Has anybody been killed whilst playing rugby?


How many people have been paralyzed playing rugby?


Which school in England did the founder of rugby attend in 1823?

William Web Ellis is often credited with inventing the sport of Rugby in 1823. He was a pupil at Rugby School in Warwickshire. His name has been immortalised by the William Web Ellis cup, the trophy awarded to the winning Rugby World Cup team.

How long has Daniel carter been playing rugby?

25 years

How many years has Daniel Carter been playing rugby for?


Has Portugal been to the rugby world cup?

AS of 2015, no they have not attended as a playing team.

What is the origin of rugby?

Both codes of Rugby (League and Union) have their origins when a soccer player picked up the ball from the ground and started running with the ball. -- It was claimed to have been born when a 15 year old William Webb-Ellis a student of Rugby School, Warwickshire in England, whilst playing football picked up the ball and ran with it. The game was thereafter developed. Rugby League (a picture of which is above) is a separate sport from Rugby Union that was formed in 1895.

How long has Dan cater been playing rugby?

he started playing at school at the age of 10 he is 29 (2011) therefore he played 19 years

Did William webb Ellis play or take part in the first rugby game of all time?

as he is accredited with starting the rugby concept then he took part. However it was not until 1870 that the game of Rugby Union was formalised and he would not have been of an age to take part

How many people have died while playing rugby in the last 120 years?

during the 110 years that rugby has been played 71 people have died mostly of broken necks

When was rugby first played?

In 1823 when William Webb Ellis caught the ball in his arms at Rugby School and ran with it. However, some tribal versions of the game were supposed to have been played by Pacific Islanders long before that.

Do they do rugby in Olympics?

In past years, rugby has not been in the Olympics. However, in the next Olympics, in 2012, it will be. Though rugby is normally played with 15 players on each team, the Olympics will be playing a more fast-paced version in which there are only 7 players on each team.

How long has Sonny With a Chance been out?

Sonny with a Chance has been showing on T.V since February 19th 2009

Which rugby-playing centre has been with Leinster for 12 years and has the record for the most tries scored in the Six Nations?

Gordon D'Arcy

What tune is played when a try as been scored in rugby?

It depends what country you are playing in and which nation you are playing for! For example the Welsh have a Tom Jones song and when the English score they play "Swing Low".

Why was rugby taken out from the Olympics?

rugby has never been in the olympics

How long have England rugby been playing the 6 nations?

The Six Nations started in 2000. England have been playing in it since then. Prior to that was the Five Nations, which started in 1910 and the Home Nations which started in 1883, both of which England were part of.

How did Sonny tufts earn the nickname Sonny?

Well, it has been earned because Sonny Tufts is too long and people are lazy so, people just slowly began to him Sonny.

How long has austin healey been around?

Well there can be a few answers to this if you mean when was he born that was 1973. If you mean when did he start playing rugby that was in 1990.

What Englishmen have been capped at Rugby Union and Rugby League?

Jason Robinson, winger or fullback both in rugby league and rugby union

How long has Sam Thaiday been playing Rugby League?

On 11 July 2003, aged 18, he made his National Rugby League debut for the Brisbane Broncos against the Bulldogs in round 18 of the 2003 NRL season.

Has Selena Gomez ever been on Sonny With a Chance?

Yes! Selena Gomez has been on THE Sonny with a chance show. Look on YouTube. Sonny with a chance - Episode 13 - Season 1-Battle Of The Network's Stars.

How much money in a year do rugby league players get?

Depends, how long you have been playing, your age, postion, who you play for, if you played any representives and your popularity.