How long has jenny kinch been playing softball?

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Jenny Finch has been playing all her life. Played travel ball when she was younger.

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Q: How long has jenny kinch been playing softball?
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How long have you been playing softball?

4 or 5 years

How many years has Jennie Finch been playing softball?

30 years

What was the first ever female baseball players name?

There have been numerous remarkable female softball players but Jenny Finch is along the best.

How old does a girl have to be in order to play softball?

Any age can play softball.. i have been playing all my life and i am now 13! One of my coaches plays softball and she is in her 40's!

Is basketball better than softball?

NO!! Softball is way more fun and wayyy better than sotfball! Ive been playing for more than 10 years!

Aim of softball?

You should always aim at the person chest when you are throwing. I play Fast pitch softball and i have been playing for 9 years and im 13 right now.

How is the game of softball in 2012 different from the game of softball back in 2010?

There is no difference. Some rules may have changed but I am pretty sure that it is still the same. I have been playing softball for a while and it is still the same from when i played in 2012 and I still play.

Can you use a softball bat for baseball?

i have been playing baseball since i was 4 and the answer is no, because they have different weigt limits and height requirments

Can you break your arm from playing softball?

You can break your arm from playing softball like you would in any daily activity. you can break your arm just by walking and tripping. Breaking your arm in softball would have been from a bad fall or an accident. Breaking your arm doing any skill is unlikely. it's important to have a good conditioning program to avoid injuries

How fast does a college softball pitcher throw?

Most of them throw a fastball at around 65 mph. There have been a few exceptional pitchers that could reach 71 or 72 mph. Jenny Finch among them.

How long has softball been played?

Softball has been played since 1887. On Thanksgiving day the first game of softball was played inside a gym at the Farragut Boat Club. The inventor of softball is believed to be George Hancock.

Is Softball going to be in the 2012 Olympics?

Softball and Baseball have been omitted from the 2012 Olympics.

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