How long has hawthorn been playing in the afl?

Updated: 8/17/2019
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Hawthorn first entered the afl in 1925 when the competition was the VFL

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Q: How long has hawthorn been playing in the afl?
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How long has Hawthorn been in the AFL or VFL?

Since 1925

Who is better essenden or hawthorn in AFL?


What is Hawthorn's most ever goals in an AFL game?

Hawthorn's highest ever score in an AFL game was: 36.15.231 in 1991 against Fitzroy.

Which afl team has the youngest list?


Is hawthorn the best team in afl?

yes they are

Who won 1991 afl grand final?


What AFL team was Peter Hudson from?

He played for Hawthorn.

Who won the grand final in 2008 AFL?


Who were the Afl premiers in 2008?

Hawthorn (who defeated Geelong).

When was the biggest fight in AFL?

hawthorn and essendon in 2008

Who played in the 1989 AFL Premiership?

Hawthorn and Geelong, Hawthorn won by 6 points. Hawthorn 21.18 [144] Geelong 21.12 [138]

Afl the youngest team list 2009?

Hawthorn Hawks was.