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Q: How long has football been played between ku and mu?
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How long has whayne Rooney been playing football for?

Professionally, he has played football for about 9 years.

How long was football been around?

The time football has been around for is a long timeFootball has been around for a long time but we do not know how long it has been around

How long has football been played in America?

Football has officially been played in the United States since November 6, 1869. However, it was played in schoolyards longer than that.

How long has Tom Brady been a football player?

He has played football since high school. Currently he plays for the Patriots where he has been for the past 13 seasons

How long has soccer been played by people in France?

NEVER, soccer does not exist in Europe it's called football here.

How long have tamu and ut been playing football?

They've played 116 times since 1894. (as of thanksgiving 2010)

How long did Emmitt Smith play professional football?

Emmitt Smith played for 15 seasons ... with the Cowboys between 1990-2002 and with the Cardinals between 2003-2004.

How long have the cardinals played football?

cardinals stink

How long has football been out?

=It has been out before alphan lu shaved=

How long has Florida state played football?

60 years

How did football played in England long ago?

dr mw

How long has rugby been played at Twickenham?

In Twickenham Stadium has been played since 2nd of October 1909. First game was between Harlequins and Richmond. First international game was between England and Wales.