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Hes played there for about 9 years. And its called football not soccer!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Q: How long has carragher played soccer for Liverpool?
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How long has Jamie Carragher played professional football?

Jamie Carragher first started playing professional football in the 1996-1997 year/season. So, knowing this, he has been playing now for 13-14 years professionally.

What are the highlights in the career of Aquilani?

Alberto Aquilani is a famous Italian football (soccer) player. He is known for his quick passing and long-range shooting. He played with several clubs, including Roma, Liverpool, and Milan.

How long has David Beckham played soccer?

A long time.

What is soccer played on?

Soccer is played on a field, 110 yards (100 meters) LONG and 70 yards (64 meters) WIDE.

How long does Fernando Torres want to play soccer as a career?

As he is young he will play till 35 years, he may leave Liverpool soon.

What players who played for Liverpool had long hair?

Andy Carroll , Garcia , Sotoris Kyrgiakos

How long has Cristiano played professional soccer?

eight years

How long has guillermo ochoa played soccer?

He started in 2004