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eight years

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Q: How long has Cristiano played professional soccer?
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How long is a professional soccer halftime?

after 45 mins.

How long do professional soccer players practice each day?

Professional soccer players practice each day for three hours .

How long do professional soccer players last?

soccer players last for around 10-15 years depending on when they started there professional career.

How long does an average professional soccer player play?

30 min

How long does it take to become a professional soccer player?

it depends how good you are

How long is half time in professional soccer match?

15 minutes

How long did David Beckham play professional soccer?

17 years.

How long is a girl's soccer field?

A professional women's soccer field is typically 75 yards by 120 yards.

How long has Cristiano Ronaldo been playing football for?

Portuguese football star Cristiano Ronaldo was eight years old when he started playing soccer for the competitive amateur team Andorhina. Ronaldo's first professional club was Sporting Lisbon of the Portuguese Liga; he made his debut with Sporting in 1999 at the age of 14.

How long is a professional soccer game including half time?

100 minutes

How long do you have to work out a day to become a professional soccer player?

1 min. ----

How long has David Beckham played soccer?

A long time.

How long has carragher played soccer for Liverpool?

Hes played there for about 9 years. And its called football not soccer!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What are you long term goals?

To live to be 100. to become a professional basketball or soccer player

How long has Ronaldo played soccer?

about 25 years

How long has Cristiano Ronaldo been playing football professionally for?

Cristiano Ronaldo began his professional career at Sporting Lisbon in 2001. So as of 2012, he has been playing football professionally for 11 years.

How big is a soccer feid?

for a professional team its 115 yards long and 70 yards wide

How long has Alex Morgan played Soccer?

She did not start playing club soccer until she was 14.

How long do you have to be in college in order to play soccer?

You can even be in high school to get drafted into professional soccer, but you can start college soccer in like your first week in college depending on where you go.

What is soccer played on?

Soccer is played on a field, 110 yards (100 meters) LONG and 70 yards (64 meters) WIDE.

How long has guillermo ochoa played soccer?

He started in 2004

What size are goalposts that are used in a professional match in Soccer?

Official soccer goals are 24 feet long, and 8 feet tall (7.32 meters long and 2.44 meters tall).

How long has soccer been played?

There is evidence that soccer was played in china in the second and third centuries BC, so it has been played for over 2200 years.

How long has Christian ronaldo played soccer?

he has played since about when he was 12 years old

How long is haltime in a professional soccer game?

It depends on the ref. but usually the max time is 15 min.