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he has been playing for about 9 years

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Q: How long has Wayne Rooney been playing football for?
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What age did Wayne Rooney start playing soccer?

Wayne Rooney has been playing soccer (football) since at least 1994, when he joined the club Everton. It is likely he had been playing soccer for a few years beforehand.

Is the band Rooney named after Sir Wayne Rooney the soccer or futbol player He is my uncle he has been knighted so get at me?

No. There is no football player named Wayne Rooney who has been knighted

Why isn't Wayne Rooney playing Euro 2012?

Wayne Rooney isn't playing in Euro 2012 because he has been suspended for two games.

How long has Coleen Rooney and Wayne Rooney been married for?

Coleen Rooney and Wayne Rooney has been married for 2 years

How long has Wayne Rooney been playing at Manchester united for?

Since 2004.

How long has whayne Rooney been playing football for?

Professionally, he has played football for about 9 years.

How many years has Wayne Rooney been playing soccer?

He started at age 10 hope it helps

Has Wayne Rooney been knighted?

No he is not yet knighted.

Did Wayne Rooney behave in school?

Wayne Rooney has always been a hot headed boy. And I am sure he must been a fighting boy , with other children.

Has Wayne Rooney been traded?

ofcourse he never had been traded da who do you think you are lil wayne?

Has Wayne Rooney ever been arested?

He hsa never been arrested.

Has Wayne Rooney been booked this year?

Most probably yes

How many times has Wayne Rooney been injured?


How many times has Wayne Rooney been in the world cup before?


Which Manchester united player has twice been awarded Goal of the Season?

Easy... Wayne Rooney! -Will

Is Wayne Rooney getting kicked off Manchester United?

No Wayne Rooney is not getting kicked out of Manchester United after all they paid over 24 and a half million pounds for him from Everton. He has been their top scorer last year, but not this year.

What is the name of the Fort Wayne Women's tackle football professional football team?

They are the Fort Wayne Flash who have been in existence since 2007 and play in the Women's Football Alliance.

How many goalhas Rooney scored since he has been at the club Manchester united?

Wayne Rooney has scored 131 goals at Manchester United since he joined in the 2004-05 season.

What celebrities have been used in nike adverts?

Michael jordan tiger woods wayne rooney steven gerrard and afridi

How much does Wayne Rooney earn from the advertisement?

millions ive been in a tv advert be4and i got paid 1 thousand

Which English players have been sent off in the world cup?

It was David Beckham verses Argentina and Wayne Rooney verse Portugal.

How many football players have been paralyzed playing football?

a lot

How many players have been sent off playing against Manchester United?


How long have the Chicago Bears been playing football?

They have been playing since the 1920's.

How many years has david becham been playing football for?

David Beckham is playing football for over 10 years.