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15 years...? right?

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Q: How long has Landon Donavon been playing soccer?
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Who the proffesionals in soccer?

The professionals in soccer are ones who have been scouted by professional teams in leagues such as MLS, national teams, English premier, etc. Widely known professionals are: David Beckham Ronaldinho Zidane Pele Landon Donavon Wayne Rooney and so many more...

How long has Mia Hamm been playing soccer?

she has been playing soccer for 18 years and then retired to be with her family

What age did Wayne Rooney start playing soccer?

Wayne Rooney has been playing soccer (football) since at least 1994, when he joined the club Everton. It is likely he had been playing soccer for a few years beforehand.

How long has ronaldihno been playing soccer?

Ronaldihno has been playing soccer since 1998 in the year 1999 he joined F.C.B . He has played soccer for 8 years till now.

Why is Landon Donovan not playing in the 2014 World Cup?

Landon Donovan is not playing in the 2014 World Cup because the relationship between him and the head coach Jurgen Klinsmann has been complicated hence he did not select him in the final U.S squad.

How long has Mexico been playing soccer for?

Well, They Have been playing all there Life.

How long have you been playin soccer?

I have been playing for 15 years

How long has Zlatan Ibrahimovic played soccer?

Well he started playing soccer at the age of five. So if now he is 31 years of age (2012). He has been playing soccer for 26 years.

How long has Lionel messi been playing soccer for?

Started from 1995-still playing

How many years has Messi been playing for?

He started playing football from the age of five, so that means he has been playing soccer for around 19 years, and for 8 of them he has been playing for Barcelona F.C.

What are the most important signs to know when playing a deaf soccer team?

The best way to know if you are playing a deaf soccer team is that they keep on playing even though the whistle has already been blown.

How long has Javier Hernรกndez Balcรกzar been playing soccer?


How long has Christine Sinclair been playing soccer?

41 Years

What country invented soccer?

England because England had origanally been playing a game like soccer and it soon spread worldwide, so it may have been invented in other countries but the orgin of soccer is England.

Has anyone ever been killed from soccer?

Yes, about 2 years ago. A boy was playing soccer. In his 20s?? anyways, he was playing soccer. then he just collapsed and had a heart attack.

How many years has Barcelona soccer been playing?

F.C.Barcelona have been playing for 113 days i dont know how many days but its 113 days

Why do you want to become a soccer player?

because i love to play soccer i been playing soccer since i was 7 u want to become a soccer player then u have to do alot of runing and everything

How long has Taylor Twellman been playing soccer?

He started playong soccer in his youth (college)years in 1998 and started playing for his present team, New England Revolution, in 2001.

How long has Frank Lampard been playing soccer for?

Professionally, 15 years.

How long have Egyptians been playing soccer?

Since the dawn of time when they were building the pyramids

How many deaths have there been playing soccer?

There are not many deaths associated for those playing soccer each year. The average is about one or two each year and it is mostly due to accidents and not actual game play.

How long has kaka been playing soccer?

The famous soccer player Ricardo Izecson dos Santos Leite, known by the nickname 'Kaka', started playing football when he was only eight years old, and he signed his first professional contract with the club Sao Paulo FC at the age of 15, so, If he is 32 years old, he has been playing soccer for 24 years, and at professional level for 17 years.

Your you good at soccer?

very.. i am currenly 19 and playing with and beating 34 & 35 year olds who have been playing their whole lives

What person invented street soccer?

There was no 'individual' who invented street soccer. People have been playing games involving kicking balls around for a very long time.

How many years have people been playing soccer?

Soccer was actually invented in China. First reports of the game can be found in writings dating from around 476 BC.