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Kyle Busch began racing in the Nascar Truck Series in 2001 when he was 16 years old. He had to stop due to the age limit being raised. He returned to the Busch Series in 2003 and drove limited Cup Series racing in 2004. He has been a full time Cup Series driver since 2005.

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Q: How long has Kyle Busch been racing in Nascar?
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How long has Kyle Busch been driving for Joe Gibbs Racing?

Kyle Busch has been driving for Joe Gibbs Racing since 2008.

Did Dale Earnhardt Jr. drive a Ford in Nascar?

No. As long as he's been racing in Nascar, Dale Jr. has always driven a Chevrolet, whether it was in the Busch or Cup Series.

Does Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Kyle Busch still hate each other after Richmond in 2008?

It's long been said by NASCAR insiders that the Earnhardt/Busch feud is entirely one-sided. Some have speculated that Busch may be using his comments toward Earnhardt, voted NASCAR's Most Popular Driver for several years running, to further his own career. It's also been said that Earnhardt is apathetic to the situation.

Which NASCAR driver has raced the longest?

Bill Elliott has been racing in NASCAR since 1976.

Is Kyle Busch the best driver ever?

Kyle Busch is a pretty good driver, but it is all opinion. I say Dale Jr is the best even though he has not been doing well! GET IT TOGETHER JR.

When did Bill Elliott drive in NASCAR?

Bill Elliott has been racing in the Nascar Cup series since 1976. He still drives today, but has been on a limited schedule since 2004. Bill also drove in 43 Nationwide Series races, then known as the Busch Series and three Truck Series races.

When will NASCAR end?

Nascar first started in 1947. They first raced on the beach at Daytona. Nascar has been around For 64 years. It will probably end in 2056 AND racing motorsports will have a new type of racing sport.

How long has Jeff Gordon been NASCAR Cup Series racing?

Jeff Gordon has been racing full time in the Nascar Cup Series since 1993. He ran one race in 1992.

How long has Carl Edwards been racing in Nascar?

Carl Edwards' first Nascar race was in the Truck Series on June 22, 2002. He also drove in his first Busch Series race on July 20, 2002, it's now known as the Nationwide Series. Edwards' first Cup Series race was on August 22, 2004 and he began racing full time in 2005.

How many years has Jeff Gordon been racing in the Nascar Cup Series?

As of 2011, Jeff Gordon has been racing full time in the Nascar Cup Series for a total of 19 years. He ran one race in 1992.

Where has Eva Busch been?

Kurt and Eva Busch are legally separated, that's the reason she has not been seen at any of the Nascar tracks. They are in the process of getting a divorce. Click on the link below for more information.

How do you become a NASCAR driver?

So you wanna join NASCAR... EXPERIENCE....EXPERIENCE.....EXPERIENCE. that's what you need. People don't just start racing in the busch series or in the nextel cup. They've been racing since they were really young. like 6 or 7. It usually starts with go carts. and then when you grow up into your teens, its usually local dirt tracks and racing modifieds.(type of car) From there if they catch the eye of car owners or if you happen to have 100 grand, you can build your own car or get signed. From modifieds to most likely trucks. or an amatuer-ish form of stock car racing. Then from there IF YOURE LUCKY you can get start racing busch. Most drivers start when they out grow diapers. So if youre 30 and thinking of've missed out on 24 years of experience. HOWEVER if you happen to have SOME experience....not a little but SOME, you can join nascar by having tons of money....and obtaining a NASCAR license Is 12 years old to old to start

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