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He has been with the Saints since 2006.

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Q: How long has Drew Brees been quarterback for the saints?
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How long has Drew Brees been a quarterback for the New Orleans Saints?

For 6 years as of 2011

Has Drew Brees ever been to a Super Bowl?

Yes. In 2010, Drew Brees appeared in his first Super Bowl as the quarterback of the New Orleans Saints which was also the first Super Bowl appearance for the franchise.

How many years has Drew Brees been with the saints?


How many years has quarterback Drew Brees been in the NFL?

10 years

How long has Drew Brees been playing for the Saints?

5 years

Have the New Orleans Saints ever been on a Wheaties cereal box?

Drew Brees

How many Pro Bowls does Drew Brees have?

Drew Brees has been selected to Pro Bowl 4 times in his career. Once with the Chargers in 2004 and three times with the Saints in 2006, 2008, and 2009.

How many Pro Bowls has Drew Brees been to?

In all of his career, Drew Brees has been to four Pro Bowls.

How many probowls does drew brees has?

Drew Brees has been elected to the Pro Bowl 5 times.

How many years has Drew Brees been playing for the NFL?

9. he played for San Diego from 2001-2006 and saints since then.

How much money does Drew Brees?

He hasn't been signed yet by the saints this year. He wants a contract where he makes roughly 23 million a year.

What quarterback has been sacked the least in 2009?

Through 14 games of the 2009 season, for QBs that have started the entire season that is Peyton Manning of the Indianapolis Colts who has been sacked 10 times. Tom Brady of the Patriots is next with 15 sacks and Drew Brees of the Saints is third with 19 sacks.

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