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drew brees

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Q: Who is the quarterback for the saints?
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Who would win a saints Quarterback or a falcons Quarterback?

Saints. All day long.

Who is the New Orleans Saints quarterback for 2010?

Drew Brees is currently the Saints quarterback.

Who was backup quarterback for packers and starting quarterback for Saints?

Mark Brunell

Who was quarterback of 2006 saints?

Drew Brees

Who is the head quarterback of the Saints?

Drew Brees.

Who is peyton manning's dad?

Archie Manning, former Quarterback of the New Orleans Saints.

Who was the quarterback for the Saints in 1967?

The quarterbacks for the Saints in 1967 were Gary Cuozzo and Bill Kilmer.

When was Archie Manning a quarterback for the saints?


What is the name of the New Orleans Saints quarterback for 2009?

The New Orleans Saints' starting quarterback name is Drew Brees. He is backed by Mark Brunell and Chase Daniel.

Is Saints quarterback Drew Brees Archie Manning's adopted son?

No. Archie's sons are Cooper, Peyton, and Eli. Drew is just a Saints quarterback like Archie was.

Who was quarterback during the saints first winning season?

This was in the year 1987 and Bobby Herbert was the starting quarterback.

What years did Bobby Hebert quarterback for the Saints?