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Australia has sent athletes to every Summer Olympics since the modern games began in 1896.

Australia and New Zealand combined athletes to compete under the name Australasia in 1908 and 1912.

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Q: How long has Australia been participating in the Summer Olympics?
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How many times have Australia competed in the Olympics?

Australia has been in every summer Olympics and some of the winter Olympics.

How many years has Australia been participating in the summer Olympics?

Australia have participated in every Summer Olympic Games, on two occasions as a joint team with New Zealand (in 1908 and 1912). With regard to the Winter Olympics, they participated in the 1936 contest, and in every contest since 1952.

When and where have the Olympics been in Australia?

Australia has hosted the Summer Olympics twice. The first time the Summer Olympics were in Australia was in 1956 in Melbourne, capital of Victoria. The second time was in 2000 in Sydney, capital of New South Wales.

What countries have been to all Summer Olympics?

Australia, Greece, Great Britain

Were the winter games the only olympic games held in Australia?

The Winter Olympics have never been held in Australia. To date, only the Summer Olympics have been held in Australia: in Melbourne in 1956 and in Sydney in 2000.

How long has Italy been participating in Olympics?


Has the olympics been held in new zealand?

No. The Summer Olympics have been held in Australia twice (1956-Melbourne, 2000-Sydney) but never in New Zealand.

How many times have the winter Olympics been in Australia?

Australia has never hosted the Winter Olympics. It's difficult to host the Winter Olympics in the Southern Hemisphere because it is summer when the games are traditionally played (February)

How long have Singapore been participating in the Olympics?

14 years

How many years have china been participating in the Olympics?


How many summer Olympics have there been?

The 2008 Summer Olympics will be the 26th Summer Games to be competed.

Where were the last 4 Olympics been?

last 4 SUMMER ONES HAVE BEEN in USA,Australia,Greece,Beijing no tipical order

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