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She did not start playing club soccer until she was 14.

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Q: How long has Alex Morgan played Soccer?
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How long has carragher played soccer for Liverpool?

Hes played there for about 9 years. And its called football not soccer!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why was alex Ferguson so long manager?

The reason Alex Ferguson was a manager for so long was because he was good at what he did. He has managed football (soccer) teams from 1974 till present (2013).

How long has David Beckham played soccer?

A long time.

How long has Alex Rodriguez played for the New York Yankees?

7 Seasons. Alex Rodriguez has played for the Yankees from 2004 to 2010.

What is soccer played on?

Soccer is played on a field, 110 yards (100 meters) LONG and 70 yards (64 meters) WIDE.

How long has soccer been played?

There is evidence that soccer was played in china in the second and third centuries BC, so it has been played for over 2200 years.

How long has Ronaldo played soccer?

about 25 years

How long has Christian ronaldo played soccer?

he has played since about when he was 12 years old

How long is pro soccer practice?

Soccer is usually played around 3-4 hours because they have to practice hard for their games. I know a pro soccer player and that's how long they practice.

How long has guillermo ochoa played soccer?

He started in 2004

How long has Cristiano played professional soccer?

eight years

Where is the soccer game played?

You can play soccer almost anywhere as long as you have a ball, players and a net. But usually, it is played in a smooth, grass field with boundaries, a metal net and a well made soccer ball.

How long has soccer been played by people in France?

NEVER, soccer does not exist in Europe it's called football here.

How long has Alex Rodriguez played Major League baseball?

In 2011, Alex Rodriguez will be playing in his 18th season in the Major Leagues.

Information about soccer?

Having played soccer for a very long time I may be able to answer your questions but you might need to be more specific :)

How long was the longest soccer match in the world cup ever played.?


How long has soccer been around and when did it first start?

There is evidence that soccer was played in China in the second and third centuries BC. Modern soccer was established in England in 1863.

How long has ronaldihno been playing soccer?

Ronaldihno has been playing soccer since 1998 in the year 1999 he joined F.C.B . He has played soccer for 8 years till now.

How did they play soccer a long time ago?

they played it very roughly with less rules

How long has Zlatan Ibrahimovic played soccer?

Well he started playing soccer at the age of five. So if now he is 31 years of age (2012). He has been playing soccer for 26 years.

Was there the sport soccer in the year of the civil war?

A form of soccer was played during the Civil War years. The first soccer rules were written in 1848, long before the Civil War was fought.

Who inventerd the soccer?

Soccer is thought to have originated from the ancient egyptians and Chinese long ago... Therefor it was not invented, only modernized from different games played in ancient times...

What were games like in the 13 colonies?

they played soccer all day long with native heads as soccerballs

How long has Petr Cech played soccer for?

He has been attached to a club since 1989. Plzen was the club.

How long did Mia Hamm play soccer and why did she retire?

She played for 18 years and she retired so she could have a family.