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Well it all depends on the person you might experience it for a long time(2-5 minutes) while another person might just blow it of(lack of better phrase)

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Q: How long does the sting last when you get hit by a paintball?
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Is paintball fun for girls?

Yes, i know a lot of girls who paintball, as long as you can take the hit it is fun. It is recommended that you wear a chest protector.

What is it like to get from a paintball?

im not really sure i understand the quesiton but if your asking if it hurts... not at all once your used to it it doesnt hurt at all, but for first timers its most offten seen as a hard pinch, not quite a bee sting. it will sting for a bit if you get hit on bare skin but that's about it

How do you duck in paradise paintball?

hit the duck button.

Does paint balling heart?

If you get hit with a paintball lol

When someone is hit in paintball and continues playing what is it called?


Do any ann arbor middle schools have paintball teams?

No. Paintball is not to huge in middle school, and gerneally more teens start playing when they hit age 14. It is common to have a paintball "club" in high school. There is even a high school league for paintball.

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What kind of sport does paintball qualify for?

paintball is considered an extreme sport, due to the fact that people being hit and caused pain is part of the game.

What happens if someone hit your son with paintball gun?

well the first thing is he should be wearing a paintball mask

What is the purpose of long sleeve Volleyball Uniforms?

With long sleeves, when a super hard volleyball is hit, and hits your arm , it doesint give you as much sting and wont give you a bruise.

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Are you out if your gun gets hit in paintball?

At most places, and all professional leagues, yes.