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Depends what group you are in.

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Q: How long does the song have to be in figure skating pairs?
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What do you do to do a figure skating ice dance?

You just have to have a song and then have your coach choreagraph it.

Rhyming pairs for lengthy tune?

long song

What is the rhyming word pairs for lengthy tune?

long song

What movie is the song good vibrations used in?

it is used in blades of glory. Stranz and Fairchild van Waldenberg use this song during there hip hop pairs skating routine.

What are good showcase songs for figure skating?

Any song that you really love! If that doesn't help you, next time you are listening to music,imagine yourself skating to the song and when you find a song that is really easy to imagine yourself skating to skate to that song in real life. Also you you could do an old song that most judges could relate to. For example I did a song called "Sisters" from White Christmas and I used a life sized cardboard cut out of my actual sister. Well,good luck!

What are some good figure skating songs?

Depends, if the comp is at your ice skating club then maybe something classical like the nutcraker but if its at nationals then you should talk to your coach about it. The song choice should link up with your routine if you skate at nationals!

What was the song in the movie Heaven's gate where they where skating?

The song at the skating was "Mamou Two step" which I think was the basic theme song through the entire movie just played in different ways.

What age did daewon song start skating?


When was Father Figure - song - created?

Father Figure - song - was created in 1987.

What song goes you can not figure it you can not figure it out?

Not sure that you wrote this question out correctly. However, there is a song written by Maroon 5 called Figure It Out. Perhaps this is the song you are thinking of.

What country is Starr Andrews from?

Starr Andrews was born in the United States of America. She is a nine year old amateur figure skater, and was made famous skating to Willow Smith's song on youtube.

What is the best skating song?

That is a personal opinion question. Only you can answer what YOUR favourite song is. Mine personally is "Irma Shine".

What was the song with the video with girl roller skating in a purple dress?

The Lovefreekz - Shine

How old was Michael Jackson when he made the song Stick Figure?

He never made a song called Stick Figure.

What was song the guys were skating to in Hell Comes to Quahog?

"A Fifth Of Beethoven" by Walter Murphy

Name of Bret ernst roller skating song?

"Don't Stop The Rock" by Freestyle

What is the name of the song with lyrics 'I am motion you're the rolling ocean baby'?

"Hunger" by Voices on the Verge.. it took me so long to figure it out!

What is Justin Bieber's hobbies?

hanging with girls,singing,writing song,playing hockey,and skating

What is the song called in the new Adidas commercial where the kid is skating?

It's called Gone by Donnis

I need A theme song for my figure skating compition coming up but it carnt have any words it must be well knowen aka pink panther exc HELP?

Any of the "spy" themes, e.i. Mission Impossible or James Bond.

What are the recorder notes for French song?

no but we will try to figure it out

What is the song on the Cingular commercial with the kids skating?

Find the name and artist of any current TV commerical song here: ~ T

Who sung the song called YOU in the 1980's?

you - the au pairs you - delta 5

What is the country music video of girls skating?

dont you know your beautiful by kellie pickler. great song.

Who sings the song I Got You Babe on the JCPenney commercial showing the couple ice skating?

night bird