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About two weeks excluding the opening and closing ceremonies.

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Q: How long does the Olympics last?
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Related questions

How long are the Olympics last?

The Olympics usually last for 17 days.

How long do the Olympics last?

The last four Olympics have lasted 17 days.

How long ago were the Olympics in US?

The last Winter Olympics in the US was in 2002 in Salt Lake City. The last Summer Olympics in the US was in 1996 in Atlanta.

How long do the olymopics last for?

The Olympics last for 14 days/2 weeks.

How long did the ancient Olympics last?

2weeks tops

How long do the Beijing Olympics last?

17 days.

How long will the London Olympics last?

16 days

How long do the modern Olympics last for?

4 weeks

How long did the Ancient Olympics last for?

So far they have lasted up to now because now we have the Olympics.

How long will the London 2012 Olympics last for?

17 days

How long will the London Olympics opening ceremony last?


How long do the modern Olympics last?

for like 24 hours

How long did the old Olympics last?

probably a day or a week

How long did the 2010 winter Olympics last?

14 days

How long does an Olympics event last?

16-17 days

How long will the Sochi winter Olympics last?

The Sochi 2014 Olympics will last for 18 days. The first events were held on February 6 and the last events and the closing ceremony are on February 23.

How long did the 1996 Summer Olympics last?

I honestly dont know!!

How long do the Vancouver Olympics last?

Events cover 17 days.

How long did 1 ancient greek Olympics last?

5 days

How long have girls been allowed to compete in aquatic Olympics?

There have been womens water polo teams at the last two Olympics.

How long will opening ceremony last for Olympics?

it will finish around 12.30am , ie last approx 3.5 hrs.

How long did the Ancient Greek Olympics last?

over 300 and more years

Who came second in long jump for the last Olympics?

me so hahhhah losers

What fuel is burned in the Olympics torch and how long does it last?

it lasts a whole 24 hours

How long did the Olympics last in ancient Greece?

They lasted for 5 days.