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it takes about 5hrs.

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An arrow is shot straight up at an initial velocity of 250 ms How long will it take to hit the ground

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Q: How long does it take to make a soccer ball?
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What will happen if you take a Soccer ball on an airplane?

You have a ball on an airplane..

A soccer ball is rolling down a field At t0 the ball has in velocity of 4 ms If the acceleration of the ball is constant at -0.3 mss how long will it take the ball 2 come to a complete stop?

long enough

How long does it take to make a bowling ball?

Depending on the specific ball and materials, it could take 2-5 hours.

What is close control in soccer?

It is when you are making sure that you are keeping the soccer ball close to your feet. If you are keeping the soccer ball close to yor feet, then the offenders wont be able to steal the ball from you

How long did it take to make Dragon Ball Z?

3 weeks

In soccer when is stealing used?

when you take the ball from the opposite team

How long does it take to improve playing speed soccer or rugby?

They are both about the same as the games require different running skills i.e. ball in hand - ball at the feet.

What equipment do you need in soccer?

Soccer ball, a reasnobly even ground, soccer studs and balls to take the lunges and tackles.

How long did it take James Naismith to invent basketball?

One day he got two peach baskets and a soccer ball and he was done.

How many steps can a goal keeper take before releasing the soccer ball?

Any number, as long as they release the ball within 6 seconds and do so before the ball leaves the penalty area.

How long does it take to make a bowling ball in a factory?

It takes about a couple of hours

What are the goalies rules for soccer?

You can't catch the ball that's given from own teammate. You can't carry the ball passed the bigger rectangle. You can't take the time too long.

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