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It should take you about a week or so you have to learn kickflip or you wont be able to do any other kickflip like varial kickflip tre flip and nightmare flip

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โˆ™ 2009-08-12 14:31:11
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Q: How long does it take to learn who to do a kickflip?
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How long does it take to learn a kickflip?

It depends on how good you are at skateboarding.It took me a couple of weeks and I was 13 then.

What is the best trick to learn after a kickflip?

heel flip if you already know how to do a heelflip the learn a double heel flip or kickflip

What is the third trick to learn on a skateboard?

ollie, pop shuv-it, kickflip

How do you do a flip on a skate board?

The Kickflip is the hardest of the basic skateboarding tricks, and one of the most popular skateboarding tricks to learn. Learning to kickflip first, before learning other skateboarding flip tricks, will help you in the long run.

How do you spin a skateboard in the direction of a kickflip?

you do a kickflip..

What is harder a kickflip or an impossible on a skateboard?

For me kickflip

How long would it take to learn Saxophone?

I play and it doesnt take to long to learn it but it will take a while to be really good

How do I land a kickflip better in skateboarding?

First of all you have to know how to kickflip! How to land a kickflip better is pop it as high as you can and the foot that kicks out to make it flip, put it down a bit lower on your grip. This took me like 8 weeks to learn but once you get the trick landed you will feel so good and all your friends will be so happy! Hope you larn a kickflip:)

What is a switch back kickflip?

A nollie kickflip... i think

What is harder heelflip or kickflip?

Most people say the kickflip but it is probably because most people learn it before heelflips so there not used to the board spinning on its tail-nose axis. Therefore when they come to learning heelflips the only thing they need to learn is the flick of the board.

What was the kickflip named before kickflip?

It was called the "magic flip"

How long does it take to learn the harp?

How long does it take to learn a harp **************** The time to learn to play any instrument depends on the time to practice you are prepared to put in.

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