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You will need to see how long it is before the seller dispatches it, and with what service they will use. It is hard to tell you with out specific information.

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Q: How long does it take to get here if you order golf clubs off eBay?
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Does sell real clubs?

I think so I have bought several clubs here, and there is no problem with the clubs. SO CUTE

My dad bought Tokyo Mew Mew book on eBay for me. He's in the Army and he's in Iraq right now.My book isn't here already 9 days and he has a USA eBay account. When will it be here?

if you go on eBay you can find out if the seller has shipped it yet and you can track the order to find out when it will arrive for you

What You Need to Know About Golf Vacation Packages?

There are a wide variety of golf vacation packages available to golfers that offer all inclusive accommodations that take all of the guess work out of planning for your next big golf vacation. Whether you are traveling to Pebble Beach or the Royal County Down on the Mountains of Moore, the are all inclusive golf vacation packages out there that will get you where you want to go and provide you with exactly what you need. Here is everything that you need to know about golf vacation packages. Golf vacation packages are designed to account for all of the major considerations that arise in planning a golf vacation. The typical golf vacation package will include air travel to the nearest airport of the course that you want to play, lodging accommodations and a tee time that is convenient to you at the golf course itself. Some golf vacation packages also offer options for renting an automobile and discounts at nearby restaurants. At some of the most popular golf courses, there are vacation packages to golf resorts that offer three meals a day at a variety of restaurants, spa treatments and child care. When you are planning out your golf vacation, it is always a good idea to take into consideration the best time of the year to travel to a particular course. Some golf vacation packages offer a huge discount to golfers who are willing to travel during the off season, while many of the most famous golf courses are on coasts that only have clear weather during a few months of the year. One mistake that many new and intermediate golfers make when they sign up for all inclusive golf vacation packages is that they decide to leave their favorite golf clubs at home and just rent a set of clubs at the golf course. Although it can be a little bit expensive to arrange to have your golf clubs sent with you, you will find that it is well worth the investment compared to trying to adjust to a new set of clubs on a course you have never played before. Even professional golfers need quite a bit of time to get used to how a particular set of clubs handles, and renting a set of used clubs can lead to a frustrating day on the course if you are trying to play through with a respectable score. By paying a little bit extra to have your clubs sent with you, you will be able to enjoy you game in style.

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