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It takes many years to become pro. You have to practice all the time.

In the EPL, usually 18 is the earliest a Football player starts to break through into the first team. and is established by the age of 20. Pele, Maradona, Zidane, Ronaldinho, Ronaldo and many greats all broke through at age 18. If you are born with a lot of talent, then you will will make it earlier in Football as these legends of the game have.

Pele who was named the Athlete of the 20th Century by the International Olympc Committee made his breakthrough in football at 17.

You have to get recognize by coaches when your in college theyll be looking for a player to be in their league so when u see them try your best

Scouts from major football clubs in England will monitor kids at a very young age while they are still at school and then sign them up to their academies when they're about 15. Jermaine Pennant moved to Arsenal a few years ago when he was 15, with Arsenal paying about half a million pounds to his old club to let him go.

It takes a while to become a professional footballer. Michael Owen joined Liverpool at the age of around 11 but only because when he was playing for his school. During the season, he scored 38 goals and broke that league's record. Robbie Fowler also joined Liverpool at the age of 13. But don't be fooled by the age, as kids they could take on a 20 year old man, these kids were top class.

I have been playing soccer since the age of 9, and working my butt off to be the greatest out there. I mean, unless you're born with a soccer ball, developing skills takes time! I am finally reaching closer to my goal at age 14, as I have played in Team Ontario, and am going to try out for the national team (Canada) very soon. As far as how long it takes to be a professional, well, it all depends on you. Some blossom early while others strive to be the best. There are a million soccer players out there, and in order to be #1 you must really sacrifice your time and effort. After all it is an amazing dream you are chasing!

I have been playing football all my life. Many think you need to play at the highest clubs and the highest leagues or join early to a club. You do not. ,But You have to get the skills with a youth team or street, and then later in your life 16-20 get recognized. To get recognized play your best and high ranked tournaments.

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Q: How long does it take to become a professional football player in EPL for example?
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