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Exactly 10 minutes. Same duration when they close the roof.

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Q: How long does it take for the roof on the brewer stadium to open?
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Will the roof be closed tonight for coldplay concert etihad stadium Melbourne?

I checked Etihad stadium info. It's an open air concert, so no roof tonight!

The Houston Texans' Reliant Stadium is the first NFL stadium to have which feature?

The retractable roof was open for the first Super Bowl in Reliant Stadium.

How many games have the Dallas Cowboys played at AT and T Stadium with the roof open?

As of Sunday, October 30, 2016, the Dallas Cowboys have played 13 games with the roof open at AT&T Stadium. They are 6-7 in those contests.'/

Can Seattle Seahawks cover their stadium?

no. Centurylink Field is an open air stadium. the shelter pieces that cover the seats are not strong enough to support a full roof. the north end of the stadium is completely open so if a roof was ever added, it would be a VERY cold and windy place to go see a game.

Does the new wembley stadium roof open?

The roof at each goal end opens. Or is capable of opening. It is currently faulty and has been since it opened. There are imagesof it open. You may recall last year on sky the nationwide ads had a clip of the staduim screens with the roof open

Is the Super Bowl being played in a dome field?

Cowboys Stadium has an open roof, so technically the answer would be no.

Is the Patriots's stadium covered?

The twins had a domed stadium called the Metrodome, until Target Field (which has no roof) opened up in 2010.

What is a closed stadium?

i stadium were there is no roof and it can snow inside.

Is Arrowhead Stadium an indoor stadium?

No, it is an outdoor stadium. While the original plans called for a rolling roof that could cover Arrowhead and neighboring Kauffman Stadium, it was never built due to cost overruns. Even with the roof, Arrowhead would have still been an open air stadium because the roof was never intended to seal out the weather entirely. It was only a cover designed to keep the field and fans dry if a game was played during bad weather.

Do the colts play in a dome?

Lucas Oil Stadium is a retractable roof stadium.

Is Lucas Oil stadium a dome?

No, its a retractable roof stadium.

Do the Dallas Cowboys play in a dome?

No. The Seahawks play at Century Link Field and Event Center, which is an outdoor field. The roof covers 70% of the seating area, but the field is exposed to the elements.