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Q: How long does dolphins sleep in minitues in day and night?
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How long can your oxygen last in your blood stream after you stop breathing?

2 minitues 2 minitues

How long is a foot long hot dog?

10 minitues

How long do dolphins sleep at a time?

11111 hours

How long does local anesthesia will be out of your body?

6o minitues

How long do whales sleep in a day?

a whale will sleep for approximately 8 hours . dolphins sleep the same amount of time. thx

How long do sea turtles sleep at night?

they don't sleep. they hibernate.

How long do beavers sleep for?

over night

How long is a night sleep?

8 hours

How long do Beaver sleep?

over night

When does a dolphin sleep?

Dolphins sleep near the surface. They can not float entirly though. Grown dolphins like to keep one eye open for sharks and orcas(killer whales). It takes a little efort to go to the surface to breathe. At least a flip of a tail. They do not sleep for long times during the night. They take little naps instead.

What does 'get your beauty sleep' mean?

Beauty sleep is an age-old term for a good night's sleep or a very long sleep.

How long does a spider monkey sleep for?

Spider monkeys sleep for about 10 hours a night.

How long should you sleep each night if your fourteen?

A fourteen year old should get nine hours of sleep each night.

How long does a person sleep?

Sleep TimeRecommended sleep time is eight hours a night, but some sleep more and some less.

Why do cats sleep so long?

cats will sleep long, because they are nocturnal animals and do their sleeping most of the day, but at night they are out and about.

How long do leopard geckos sleep?

They sleep almost all day and wake up in the night.

How long hamsters sleep?

Hamsters are nocturnal they sleep throughout the day and wake up at night

How long do nintendogs sleep On nintendogs?

Depends on if they are tired or not. they will sleep longer in the morning if you play with them at night. :)

How long do you need to sleep?

Most people I know get about 10-13 hours of sleep a night. I get about 10 hours of sleep.

How long do newborns sleep?

It sleeps during a nap they sleep about 2 hours . And they almost never sleep through the night

How long do hamsters sleep after a long play?

It depends really, i would say, if it played at night, it would sleep all day.

How long do you sleep on average each night?

you should get on average 8 hours of sleep if you are a growing teenager.

How long should a twelve year old sleep for?

at least 8 hours sleep every night

What is it called when you can not sleep for very long periods at night?

insomnia or stress

How long should a baby sleep at night?

8.5 -10 hours

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