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It lasts 48 minutes; 12 minutes per quarter

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Q: How long does a professional basket ball game last?
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In pool if you hit your last ball in and unexpectiadlly the 8 ball goes in after you hit your last ball does it count?

Yes you do when the game.

Do you lose if you scratch on last ball before the 8 ball?

Yes if you make in the last ball and then scratch, you lose and the game is over.

In professional basketball how long does a game last for?

3 hours

For which team did Steve Francis last play professional basketball?

Steve Francis last played basketball for the Beijing Ducks of the CBBA (Chinese Basket Ball Association). He also played for a number of other teams such as the Houston Rockets, The New York Nicks and Orlando Magic.

How long does a soft ball game last?

7 innings

How long does a net ball game last?

depends on your league

How long does a kick ball game last?

long enough

When you are playeing pool and you have 1 ball left and the 8 ball and you hit your last ball in and also the 8 ball?

That is lose of game.

How long does the average professional football game last?

About 2~3hours.

In a game of croquet what is the ball known as when it has scored its last hoop point?

When a ball has scored its last hoop point, it becomes a rover.

Where can you buy budda ball ham in Massachusetts?

Last year I got one at Market Basket. But I haven't seen them yet this year.

Was the basketball changed over the years?

The 1937-38 b-ball seson was the last year of the "center-jump" after every basket. The next season it was changed to having the opponent take in the ball after a basket. I remember because I was the center when I played b-ball in the eighth grade. {This is a good trivia question]

When you are kicking a soccer ball do you look at the ball?

yes, after looking at the goal, even professional players do it...look at the ball in the last moment to make sure where the goal is, and you don't fail the ball...xD

How long does a ball last in a baseball game?

About 6-8 pitches

What are France's 4 main spectator sports?

the Frenches main sport is soccer, the 2 is rugby, the 3 is handball, the last is basket ball

What is the meaning of check ball in volleyball game?

A check ball is a ball that was last touched by a defense. This occurs after a spike and before the ball goes out of bounds.

Has the last ball on the table the black got to be potted in any game of snooker?


Where was the last soccer ball game held?

There are many games every day.

How long does the average professional baseball game last?

Roughly over 2 hours.

When was the last time a professional golfer used the Titleist Tour Balata golf ball in a recognised tour event?

in 1995

Who caught the last fly ball out of David Wells' perfect game?

Paul O'Neill

Last baseball knuckle ball pitcher in all star game?

Hoyt wilhelm

In snooker what is the coulour of the last ball potted?

The game ends if the black is sunk or fouled on, so it is usually the last ball down. However, any ball can be the last potted, if that pot means the other player/team is incapable of winning at all from that point on.

What are some Differences between baseball and basketball?

Baseball has 9 players per side, a small ball thrown across a "plate" has to be hit by one opposing player with a "bat" who then runs counterclockwise to the corners of a diamond shaped group of "bases". The player scores 1 point by running to and stepping on the bases and stepping on the last base called "home plate". Basketball has 5 players per side, a larger ball is advanced toward a goal known as a "basket" by bouncing the ball off the floor while moving forward. The players throw the ball or "shoot" it at the basket. If the ball goes through the basket, 2 or 3 points are scored, depending on the distance from the basket. A penalty shot taken from the "free throw" line is worth 1 point. These are only very basic differences explaining the offense part of each game.

Making the 8 ball after your last ball in same shot?

In 8 Ball this is loss of game under most rules. The 8 ball must be the object ball and struck first under most rules.