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10 seconds from the time the pitcher has the ball in the circle. This rule is seldom ever enforced. The only way you will ever get this call is for the pitcher to get on the rubber and ready to pitch which will show a delay by the batter.

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Q: How long does a batter have to be in the box and ready for next pitch in fastpitch softball?
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Can a batter switch hit after a pitch has been made in MLB?

Yes, a batter can change from one side of the plate to the either during his at-bat, but he cannot do it once the pitcher is ready to pitch. Rule 6.06(b) states: A batter is out for illegal action when stepping from one batter's box to the other while the pitcher is in position ready to pitch.

What are the way a batter can get a strike called on her?

The ball passing through the strike zone. The batter making an attempt to hit the ball by swinging or making a bunt offer at the pitch. The ball striking the bat and not the player even if the batter made no attempt to hit the ball. The ball being hit by the batter into foul territory. The last way is seldom called but once a pitcher steps on the rubber and is ready to pitch the batter has 10 seconds to get in the batters box and be ready to hit if not a strike can be called.

Can you switch hit every pitch in slow pitch softball?

as far as I know you could. In our leagues, you are allowed to switch sides of the plate as long as you dont walk right in front of the catcher while the pitcher is ready to pitch. Essentially you have to call for time. I love switching it up, keeps the fielders on their toes.... The best is when you switch sides, but hit op field :D

What is it called when you are getting ready for a fastpich pitch?


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What are the proper mechanics in underhand fast pitch softball?

The pitching mechanics is a quite a difficult skill to learn but once learned it can be a very natural movement. Like alot of skills the pitching mechanics is broken down into several steps. ready stance, stride,arm circle, hip thrust and follow through. The skills must be done in one coordinated process to have an effective pitch.

Where does the next batter get ready to hit?

The next batter up is termed to be "on deck"

How do they wind a baseball?

when they say wind a baseball they mean getting ready to pitch/throw it

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When a batter gives himself up to move a runner from one base to the next. Technically it is supposed to be an intentional act, but the official scorekeepers generally give the batter the benefit of any doubt.

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