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Until the glue cools to a solid.

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Q: How long do you have to let your hockey stick blade dry if you just got it replaced?
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Can you remove the blade from a 2 piece hockey stick and reuse it?

Yes, the blades are just glued into the shaft. Use a heat gun to melt down the glue, pull out the blade and put it in your new shaft.

How do you turn a 1 piece hockey stick into 2 piece?

Yes, you would simply cut off just above where the original blade was to be sure that you can put a blade in. You can obviously do it yourself but it is recommended that you take it to a hockey store because they have the necessary supplies to cut the old blade off and to glue the new one in.

How do you ship a hockey stick?

just don't

What is the difference between a wood hockey stick and a graphite hockey stick?

A fibreglass hockey stick is a hockey stick with a layer/s of fibreglass to support the stick and usually layered over wood. A composite stick can have a range of materials e.g. kevlar, carbon fibre, armaid, glassfibre etc. It does not have any wood part. half composite sticks have part synthetic material, part wood. Overall, fibreglass is just a material used to make a stick composite. Wood hockey sticks tend to be better as they reduce stick shock on a cold day (where the stick vibrates when hitting the ball), however, composite have a huge amount of power when striking the ball.

What is the value of a Hespeler hockey stick signed by Doug Gilmour just before he made a stick brand change?

it is about 120 dollars

How do you decide what size hockey stick you need?

Step1 Note that hockey sticks are made of wood, graphite or a composite of wood and fiberglass. Step2 Consider that replacement will eventually become an issue. Wood sticks are much cheaper ($20 to $30, as opposed between $30 and $90), but when they wear out or break, the entire stick needs to be replaced. With the other types of sticks, you can just replace the blade, which comes in all types of shapes and sizes, depending on your style of play. Step3 Understand that all of the sticks' shafts will have different amounts of "give" to them and that every player will have a different opinion about how much flex is just right. Generally, younger players need more flex, and older, stronger players need less. Step4 Buy the right size. When you're standing in shoes, your stick should come at least to your nose. As a rule of thumb, a shorter stick allows an offensive player more control of the puck, and a longer stick enables a defensive player to reach out and check more easily. Step5 Know your correct "lie," which is the angle of the blade to the stick. When you're in the ready position, there shouldn't be a gap between the ice and your blade.

What to wear to a hockey game?

if you are just watching the game, just go like you would regularly to anywhere. However, if you're gonna play, you should have your equipment, skates, stick, gloves, and helmet. (and this is only for ICE hockey) if you're gonna play floor hockey, you just need arm and knee pads and a stick

Which is better for hockey stick blades - Black or White stick tape and why?

Colour doesn't matter. Although most hockey players use white tape. Black tape is much stronger. If you use white tape like I did for 3 years, you should tape your stick after every game (depending if you play contact/rep hockey, or pick up hockey) i perfer the black tape just for the fact it holds up better than white, but white looks better. Also for the blade of the stick black tape has a higher visibility on the ice and therefore it is easier for team mates to pass the puck right onto your blade. For even more visibility some white stripes should be placed on the blade. Some people say white is for defense and black is for forwards, defense uses white so when they poke check its harder to see the stick coming towards the puck since white matches the ice. And Black for passing so forwards can make tape to tape passes easier. Some players also believe that black tape is better because it is more difficult for a goalie to track your shot as it comes off your stick blade.

What does the hockey term just wide stick side mean?

"Stick side" is relative to the goalie. If a shot misses the net to the side of the goal that the goalie holds his stick, it is wide stick side. "Just wide" means missing by a small amount.

How many people play play filed hockey in India?

well just get some stick's and a ball.

When did people start making the hockey stick?

Hockey originated over 4,000 years ago. Drawings were found in an ancient Egyptian cave of people playing the game. So the hockey stick could be one of the oldest pieces of sports equipment. So there really is no date, just an estimate of about when.

How do you know when it is time to buy a new hockey stick?

when yours becomes too short for you when you are on your skates ( below your chin) , or just when you don't feel comfortable with the stick.