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A try is actually awarded when the opposing player uses a hand with downward pressure on the ball on or over the defending try line where the ball is in contact with the ground. There is no minimum/maximum time limit to this rule

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Q: How long do you have to hold the ball for the referee to disaloud the try?
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How long may you stay in the lane if you are dribblingthe ball?

Until the referee blows the whistle.

How long must you hold the cricket ball to make a catch?

Long enough to demonstrate that you have control of the ball

Do you hold your breath in a ball pit?

No, as long as you stay calm then you don't have to hold your breath.

How long can you hold a ball for in volley ball?

You cant hold the ball at all. It is classified as a carry and is a point for the other team. I hope this helped! YOU CAN ONLY HOLD IT WHEN YOY ARE GOING TO SERVE AND YOU CN HOLD IT FOR ONLY 8 SEC.

How long did the Canada keeper hold the ball?

1/2 hour

How long can fielder hold on to cricket ball after catch?

5 secs

How long does a soccer referee have to hold his arm up during a indirect free kick?

When the referee awards an indirect free kick, the raised arm is held from the moment the call is made (or, starting when the whistle is blown to indicate the kick may proceef if it i ceremonial) until th ball has been been put into play and has touched a player other than the kicker. If done properly, this means that a goal cannot be scored while the referee's hand is still raised.

How long does a volleyball player have to serve the ball after the referee blows the whistle?

After the referee blows the whistle for a player to serve, the server has 5 seconds to start his/her serve. That person continues to serve until the other team gets a point.

Can a player make contact with the back board while attempting to block a shot?

Yes, as long as the referee sees it as an attempt to hit the ball. If the ball is clearly out of reach or has already hit the net, a technical foul should be given.

What is a ball hugging violation?

A ball hugging violation is when someone stops dribbling the ball and holds it close to their body. A player cannot do this for very long; they must either pass or shoot the ball.

How long can you hold the ball for in lacrosse?

well if your talking about the most popular form of lacrosse (field lacrosse, like the one in college) then you can technically hold the ball as long as you want to, If you are playing Box Lacrosse however, you have 30 seconds to take a shot (it resets after each shot) or you and your team will lose possesion of the ball.

What happens when you hold a double a battery for a long time with your hands?

You spontaneously com-bust into a ball of flames.