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usually train for 4 to 5 hours a day

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Q: How long do olympian divers train for?
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What is the patch on the back of the Olympian divers?

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How hard is it to be an olympian?

it is very hard you have to train 24-7 it is very hard you have to train 24-7

How do deep sea divers train?

In specialy made swimming pools i believe x

How do Olympic tandem divers train if they don't live in the same city?

Some train in Ponds Forge In Sheffield (my hometown yay) some train in other high class venues

How may hours do divers train a week?

500, gotta get those reflexes set uk haha

What is One thing about pearl divers?

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How much money do commercial divers make?

Pay scales for commercial divers varies by job and company. The earnings are usually well above average for divers isolated from their families for long periods of time and for saturation divers. For more information, see Related Questions, below.

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