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The length of a Basketball game depends on the level of the game. A high school basketball game is required to last at least 32 minutes with four 8-minute quarters. There is a 10 minute halftime between the second and third quarters. A College Basketball lasts 40 minutes and consists of two halves.There is a fifteen minute halftime. For an NBA game, the length of the game is 48 minutes. There are four quarters of 12 minutes and a fifteen minute halftimeR.

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Q: How long do basketball games last?
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How long did basketball games last at the time it was invented?

Wicked quick!

How long do Jr high basketball games last?

4 days

How long do ncaa basketball games last?

2 twenty minute halves.

How long does a college basketball game last?

In college basketball, they play two 20 minute halves, so 40 minute games.

What is the duration of a basketball game?

NBA basketball Games last 48 minutes total. They have 12-minute quarters. College basketball games last 40 minutes and have 20-minute halves. High School basketball games usually last around 28 minutes, and have 7 minutes quarters on average.

How long do basketball games last for varsity high school?

32 minutes 4 8 minute qaurters

Who won the basketball Olympic games last year?


How long do college baseball games last?

2 20 minute halves this is basketball baseball is about 2.5 to 3 hours

How long did a halftime last under the original rules of basketball?


When will ncaa basketball have another video game?

No there done making collage basketball games ncaa 08 is the last one

How long does an Olympic basketball game last?

papa mo

In professional basketball how long does a game last for?

3 hours

How long are 6th grade basketball games?

24 minutes

Who got the last triple double in the Olympics basketball games?

Lebron James

You are a basketball player how long do you have to wait before playing againappendix was removed last Thursday night?

i am a basketball player how long do i have to wait before playing again,had appendix removed last Thursday night

How long did a basketball game last in the original rules?

46 years

How long is half time in NCAA basketball games?

20 minutes

Who won Kentucky basketball game last night?

Kentucky wins almost all games. They are the most dominant basketball team in history.

How long did a basketball game last when it was first invented?

The first basketball game consisted of two 15-minute halves!

How long is halftime in the men's NCAA tournament basketball game?

20 minutes, like in all NCAA basketball games

How many halves or quarters are in college high school and professional basketball and how long does each one last?

In college basketball there are halves that are 20 minutes long In high school basketball there are quarters that are 8 minutes long In NBA there are quarters that are 12 minutes long

How long did basketball games last under original rules?

When Dr. James Niasmith invented basketball, one of his published rules was that each game would consist of two 15-minute halves, and a halftime lasting 5 minutes.

What are some popular online basketball games?

There are many popular basketball games that are offered on a number of websites. Games such as Basketballs, Basketballs Level Pack, Stick Basketball, and Basketball Rally are popular online basketball games.

How long did an old basketball period last?

Same 6 minutes y?

How long did basketball game last under the original rules?

30 minutes

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