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Wayne Gretzky played 20 seasons in the NHL. He played from 1978 to 1999.

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Q: How long did wayne grezky play in the nhl?
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Is Wayne grezky in the nhl hall of fame?

Yes he was inducted in 1999

How long did Wayne Gretzky play hockey for the NHL?

20 seasons 1979-1999

Who was the best NHL player to play?

Wayne gretzky

What NHL team does Wayne Simmonds play for?

Wayne Simmonds plays for the Philadelphia Flyers.

How many seasons did Wayne Gretzky play in the nhl?


When did Wayne Gretzky first play hockey in NHL?

when he was 17

How many years did Wayne Gretzky play in NHL?


What team did Wayne Greztky play on in the NHL?

All I know is, he first payed on the NHL with the Edmonton Oilers.

Who did Wayne Gretzky play his first NHL game with?

WHA - Indianapolis Racers NHL - Edmonton Oilers

Was Wayne Gretzky 19 when he started to play in the NHL?

no he was 18 in october of 1979

What team did Wayne Gretzky play for in college?

Wayne Gretzky did not play in college. He played for a few different teams in juniors in Canada before the WHA/NHL.

What sport did Wayne Cashman play?

Wayne Cashman was a professional ice hockey player. He played his entire NHL career with the Boston Bruins.

When did Wayne gretsky play his last game in the nhl?

Wayne Gretzky played his last game in April of 1999 in New York City.

Who was the first girl to play in the NHL and how long did she play for?

manon rheume

How many NHL records did Wayne Gretzky HAVE?

61 nhl records

He is a legend in the NHL even better than Wayne Gretzky.?

He is a legend in the NHL even better than Wayne Gretzky

What teams did Wayne Gretzky play on in the NHL?

Wayne played for the Edmonton Oilers, the Los Angeles Kings, the St. Louis Blues and the New York Rangers

When did Wayne Gretzky get in the NHL?

He joined the NHL in 1979 as a member of the Edmonton Oilers.

How do you get Wayne Gretzky on NHL 2k11?


Who has the most NHL goals?

wayne gretzky

Who are the top NHL coaches?

Wayne Gretzky

How tall is Wayne Simmonds?

NHL player Wayne Simmonds is 6'-02''.

What year did Wayne Gretzky graduate?

He was draftedin 1979 and born January 26, 1961. Wayne was never drafted. He entered the NHL, when the WHA and the NHL merged in 1979. Wayne was a member of the WHA's Edmonton Oilers. Thus never drafted by the NHL.

Who has 1000 goals in the NHL history?

Wayne Gretzky

What player has the most NHL goals?

Wayne Gretzky