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Zimbabwe's Anakiel Nakie choga in 10.42 sec

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Q: How long did the slowest athlete ran in the race when bolt ran his fastest record?
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Fastest athelete in the world?

the fastest athlete in the world is usain bolt

Who holds the record as the fastest athlete at 100m?

Usain Bolt for men - 9.58s. Florence Griffiths-Joyner for women 10.49s.

Who is the worlds fastest athlete 100 meters?

usain bolt

Who is the fastest gender on the planet a male athlete or a female athlete?

A male athlete. Usain Bolt. 9.58m in the 100m.

Who is the record holder or the fastest man and what is his record?


Do Tyson Gay broke any world record?

To my thought ,i would say no but surely i know about Usain Bolt who broke a world record and is the fastest male athlete i think

Who is the fastest athlete?

Generally speaking, the term 'fastest athlete' or 'fastest man in the world' is used with the person that holds the world's record in the 100 meter dash. That man is Usain Bolt who ran a 9.69 at the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing. J.C. Owens better known as Jesse Owens set the record in the Hitler Olympics as they were known in 1936.

Why does usain bolt is called the fastest man in the world?

"Fastest man in the world" is the term given to the athlete who holds the world record in the 100 meter dash. No man in the world has run the 100 meter dash faster than Bolt's 9.58 seconds.

What was Usain Bolt's fastest record?

9.58s in100meters

Who is fastest male athlete at Beijing 2008?

the fastest male athelete of the 2008 Beijing Olympics was Usain Bolt of Jamiaca.

Who is the fastest human runner?

If you look at the world record the fastest runner would be Usain Bolt.

Fastest time ever in the olympics?

usain bolt broke the record. his record was 9.63 the fastest man in the world and his coming faster.

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