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Q: How long did the longest dance marathon last?
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What is a dance marathon?

a dance marathon is were people dance for a long period of time. dance marathons got started in the 1920's and became popular in the 1930's due to the increase demand for entertainment. these dances would last hundreds of hours. they often had fold out beds on the side in case the people got too tired to function. large cash prizes were awarded to the couple that danced the longest.

How long was the longest solo drumming marathon?

5 hours

How long are dance competitons?

It varies, my last dance competition was for 2 days, other times just 3 hours. My longest lasted 5 days.

What was the purpose behind the longest recorded type writing marathon and how long did it last?

The purpose of the longest recorded typing marathon was to set a world record for continuous typing. It lasted for over 50 hours, with the typist aiming to demonstrate speed, endurance, and accuracy in typing.

What was the longest disco dancing dance?

it was 371 hours long

How long did the marathon of hope last?

they make big butts

What is the record for the worlds longest movie marathon?

The current Guinness World Record for the longest movie marathon is 201 hours (8 days, 9 hours) and was achieved by Ashish Sharma in India in 2016.

The longest disco dancing marathon began on January 18 1982 and was 371 hours long if the dancing began at 9am on January 18 on what date did the marathon end?

February 3rd

How long did the longest prank last?

The longest Prank lasted about 3 months strait.

Which demudifier would last the longest?

energy star they last a long time

Why are marathons 26 miles long and why is a marathon called a marathon?

The mara represents one event, in which this case is running. The thon represents a long distance in which one must cover to complete, it requires tons of endurance, persistence and training. As with numbers, million, then billion then trillion as with these sports, marathon, biathalon, triathalon The suffix changes as the number of events increases to "fit" with the prefix. (Mara, Bia, Tria) Uh, no. Close pronunciation but very wrong. Marathon is the name of a town in Greece which is about 26 miles from Athens. The race is named after a legendary runner in an ancient battle who traveled from Marathon to Athens to announce that the Greeks had successfully defended the town of Marathon against the (far larger) Persian army. A true marathon is a footrace of 26 miles and 385 yards in length. The term marathon is often used to describe any race or event that lasts a long time and requires endurance such as a dance marathon. The suffix "athlon" (note the "L") comes from the same root as "athlete" and describes an athletic event. A combination of multiple events will have a numeric prefix to describe the number of events, as described above. This is a different root word from "Marathon" which is named after a place.

How long does a class last in dance teaching?

it should only last apr: an hour